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Notable Quote – Richard Wagner

A word to Bruce Currie, a frequent liberal commenter here at the ‘Grok whokeeps on insisting that a marketplace can ONLY exist with Government overseeing and regulating it.

So, how is it possible for democracy to conflict with liberty? Democracy is a scheme for governing human interaction. But so is liberty, which is a system of regulation grounded on private property. Private property is a regulatory system that accommodates the voluntary organization of social interaction. Economic theory explains how it happens that a society where individual action is largely organized through private property is able to generate coherent patterns of societal activity without there being any entity or organization to plan that pattern.

-Prof Richard Wagner (PhD, Economics, , American Federalism: How Well Does It Support Liberty?)

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)

True example: I, a law abiding citizen, had the free chance chance to voluntarily engage in capitalism with one of my fellow Groksters. She had something that I wanted to try out and I had something that she desired. We exchanged, one item for another, with a bit of cash so as to seal the deal.  Doing that required that I felt I was getting a better VALUE from the transaction than I was giving; she also felt she was getting a better value in getting something from me than what she presented to me. That is capitalism at its tiniest level.

And we’ve been happy with that exchange ever since.  And that was a micro-market that had NO interaction with Government interfering with it – even though it had to do with firearms. Spontaneous order, a markeplace was born and then ceased to exist once satisfaction was achieved.

And this happens billions of times a day – much to the horror of Socialists that believe NOTHING should happen without the heavy hand of Government.  Which, I point out, Socialists believes, in thought, in word, and in deeds, that NONE of us are adult enough to carry out such transactions – we must all be vetted all the time.

It comes down to this: Who chooses?  Who makes the choice?

I say individuals should make the choice for themselves. Bruce, as a Bernie-Bro on the other hand, believes that Government should make our economic (and other) decisions for us.

What say you, loyal readers?