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Jury Duty – determining Innocence/Guilt – or is it about Liberties?

As I was (FINALLY!) selected to be a part of a Jury pool, I’m going through the slow process of going from “selected” to “acceptable”. That entailed, because of COVID-19, an online survey of 50 questions, then a virtual “hearing” in which the prosecutor and then the defending lawyers had the chance to question me …

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The New Litmus Test for Liberty: Individual Rights Persist in Spite of a State of Emergency

Individual rights are to Popular Sovereignty, as State’s rights are to Federalism; integral and unalienable! Our Federal form of government, a dual sovereignty style of governance, balances States’ rights and National authority in an institutional model that reflects the primordial political relationship between the minority (i.e. individual rights) and the majority (i.e. popular sovereignty).

Flu d'etat

Blogline of the Day – nice turn of phrase

From Facebook, on Doris’s post “In Emergency Order #69, Sununu Packs the Public Health Ethics Committee” is this from Mary Anderson: 2020: Flu d’etat to Coup d’etat Too often, it does feel this way in that too many “people in charge” have seen a lifting of regular Constitutional Republic norms (e.g., “stay Constitutional”) and a …

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Liberty is freedom from Government - Von Mises

Notable Quote – Liberty?

How can liberty be anything other than negative?  Liberty is the absence of external control.  Only in our age of collective thinking and untidy language could such a thing as “positive liberty” be conceived.  The state power to coerce is not liberty. -Bruce Walker (Negative Liberties and Obama Newspeak) Because Socialists never talk about that in …

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A Small Victory for Liberty

In an opinion released this morning, the NH Supreme Court reversed an order of the Superior Court that had dismissed a suit brought against the Speaker of the NH House challenging the adoption of a rule that prohibited members of the House from carrying or possessing weapons anywhere in the Statehouse. The putative basis for …

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