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America's Future 2020

Still the Land of the Free? Maybe Not.

Before coronavirus and widespread rioting filled the headlines, there was the controversy over undocumented immigration and sanctuary cities.  Advocates of open borders were using the Statue of Liberty and the words inscribed in her base to defend their argument.

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We Need a New Declaration of Independence

Early Americans criticized their king’s rule with the memorable slogan “no taxation without representation” and decried His Majesty’s efforts to suspend their legislatures, altering fundamentally the forms of their government by imposing an arbitrary power structure instead.

Liberty and Freedom

Liberty and Freedom

Liberty and freedom are rare in human history. Human instinct is not to yearn for liberty. Rather, humans yearn to be taken care of.

Was Malthus correct?

Was Malthus Correct After All?

Thomas Robert Malthus is known for the assertion: Population grows geometrically while food production grows arithmetically. Yeah, I know, it just ain’t so. So why bring it up, right?

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Notable Quote – Ian Underwood

Yep, Grokster Ian gets a two-fer Day today; this one “Why Liberty?” and gives a perfect answer: Every other organizing principle for society begins by denying this fundamental truth about humans:  You don’t know what’s best for me, and I don’t know what’s best for you.   And so every other organizing principle is doomed to the kind of failure that …

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You are responsible for me so I can control you (as I like)

Alternative title 1:  Community above the Individual Alternative title 2: the government has made us all our brothers’ keepers. That is a political philosophy called Communitarianism. The short definition is a feeling of community but on steroids with the control clamps being brought out of the secret drawers.