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Is Porn the Embodiment of the Liberal Political Agenda?

Porn addiction, like all addictions, ruin relationships. And like drug use, these are not victimless crimes. And I don’t mean crime in the legal sense. More its impact on the foundation of the culture and the nation. One built on families whose survival demands certain morals and values.


Federalism, socialism and ‘dreams of fancy’

Explaining the incredible prosperity of New England in the colonial era and early American republic, Alexis de Tocqueville noted first that the people were left largely alone by the government.

New Jersey’s Official Twitter is, well… New Jersey

New Jersey is the last, and only, state in the Country where its citizens are not allowed to pump their own gas.  That’s likely one of the lowest priority problems they have, but still it begs many questions.  The official Government of New Jersey Twitter account, or whoever runs it, is.. well..  Imagine living in …

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Infringements – Infringements, Everywhere!

This week’s podcast can be summed up in one word. Infringements. “Constitutional infringements that is.” They are everywhere or, given the electoral environment, promised by Democrats “if elected.”