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Good things can happen under a dictator – Let me be yours…free stuff, free stuff, and free stuff

Face the Truth About Socialism.

After the tenth Democrat presidential candidate debate, one can only be astounded. The leading Democrat, the Democrat with the most Democrat support wants to be your dictator. Think about what the man is saying.

Bernie Sanders continues to show love for Cuba’s communist regime. He could care less about the people they killed while coming to power. Bernie looks past the repression required to maintain their dictatorial power. Does Bernie care about the people? Nope, not Bernie, he just keeps repeating his claims. It’s the Big Lie: Good things can happen under a dictator. Let me be yours… free stuff, free stuff, and free stuff.

Even under a dictatorship you can teach people to read and to write. You can teach them to bleed and die too, there Bernie.  Why does Bernie think those ex-Cubans are in Florida? How can he not grok what they think about his affection for the dictator? How can he fail to grasp what those who fled Castro’s totalitarian regime relating from personal experience? Bernie Sanders just does not care. He dreams of being Fidel Castro.

8 million times

Sanders said, “Cuba is a dictatorship, I’ve said that 8 million times… But that does not mean to say, as Obama pointed out, that even under a dictatorship you can teach people to read and to write. That you can provide health care to all people.”

Sanders does not limit his warmth for brutal socialist dictators to Castro alone. As if being an open socialist wasn’t bad enough. Bernie continues to show warmth to tyrants long ago condemned by most. This is nothing new for the old-time communist. He is still so wrapped up in seeing socialism as a success regardless of the perspective of those who endured it. Bernie loves the myth of countries like Cuba and the former Soviet Union. He is blind to their past the barbarity. Bernie believes good things can happen under a dictatorship. He longs to lead such a regime.

There is a correlation between socialism and the government inflicted violence.  We know this from first-hand reports. Bernie intends for individual rights to go out the window. He will force all citizens to do all things in the name of the government. When no individual matters and everything is for the “common good” some of us will resist.  Bernie will have us shot us on the beach, the bodies washed out to sea.


That’s where the violence comes in. Once a new radical government gets used to the gore, they inevitably ramp up. They use torture and violence as a governance tool. Many poor souls locked up in mid-twentieth-century Siberia would attest to what is to come.

Disturbing as it is, the Bernie Sanders phenomenon is only possible because so many Americans don’t know the history. It is utterly beyond comprehension. How can any high profile political figure in the United States have such a positive perception of communist regimes? We know such regimes in the 20th century killed over a hundred million of their own citizens.

In this day and age, how can a Democrat, how can any American support such an ideology?  It’s even scarier that he’s the top Democrat presidential candidate. Yup, it’s true Bernie believes: good things can happen under a dictatorship. Guess we just have a different understanding of “good.”