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Gilford School Board – October meeting: Powers and Rights (Part 2)

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“Mr. Murphy, please submit that question in writing to us…..I have already; twice! No answers”

Well, this coverage of the Transgender issue that the Gilford School Board has jumped the gun on may take a while but I think it is important not only on students and staff affected by this but IS THE SCHOOL BOARD FOLLOWING THE RULE OF LAW in pursuing this?  In this next video, two people speak:

  • Michael Graham, pastor of the Gilford Community Church, who talks about his son, and made the plea that schools need to be more affirming.
  • I got up and I started in a tact that no one had, or would through succeeding meetings – talk about The Rule of Law process, its underpinnings of Powers and Rights, and that the Gilford School Board is refusing to acknowledge my Right To Know demands

There are those on both side of the Transgender issue, both for and against, and you will hear both sides unedited except for what I call “chopping for time”

Sidenote: that pesky byproduct of the Internet Age where our attention spans have gone to zilch. Thus, we’ve kept the timings of each clip to around 10 minutes which is about 2 speakers per clip – longer means “click outs”. That said, no editing has been done to any speaker’s testimony.

The passage of SB263 set the stage in that it added “gender identity” to the list of protected classes.  I point out that this was really poorly written as almost ANY one should be able to see that there are a number completely opposing points in doing so – and I do wonder how much they’ll be increasing their Legal GL account for this upcoming financial year.

Note at the end that Chair Chris McDonough asked that I would submit my question (re: “what authorizing legislation gives you the Power to…”). Note also that it seems that he never saw my two RSA 91:A (otherwise known as Right To Know requests) by dint of that question.

As of this writing, I put in another one. To DATE, none of them have been answered by the School Board – Superintendent Kirk Beitler just blew them off.

And they wonder why I have threatened to take them to Superior Court?

But that’s “To Be Continued”…

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