Can the Gilford School Board (SAU73) get any more tone deaf over their new Transgender policy? - Granite Grok

Can the Gilford School Board (SAU73) get any more tone deaf over their new Transgender policy?

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So, one of the complaints that was issued by a parent at the last School Board Meeting was that this new transgender policy was just SPRUNG on parents; noticed during the last week of August when many could have been out of town and little time to get the word out.

So now they’ve doubled down by sending out an email AN HOUR ago for a meeting to take place TOMORROW MORNING AT 7AM in the SAU 73 Office Building Conference room (across from the Village Store).

So if you work normal hours, get dinner ready, do any of your child’s activities, you MIGHT be reading this late tonite.  So, for parents whose normal activities at that time of the morning (H/T: TMEW), they are just in the process of getting their children ready for school.  So should they be getting them up hours earlier?  And what about their younger children not yet in school?  And are they going to be allowed to bring said children to the meeting? For a meeting of big import (Transgender policy, fourth reading)?

And what about the general population of Gilford?  If you do not have kids in the system, you have no idea what is going on in the largest expense of the town!  It’s like the rest of us don’t matter at all…

Here’s the letter that went out. Diane Bolduc is the Gilford Elementary Sschool Principal:

From: “Danielle Bolduc” <>
Date: September 9, 2019 at 2:04:41 PM EDT
Subject: GES UPDATE: 9/9/19

Notification from: Gilford Elementary School

Dear GES Families:

We had a wonderful first week!  Our learners were excited to share their summer activities, learn about the life cycle of a butterfly, and began speaking Spanish.

Book Pick: Dragons Love Tacos (Adam Rubin) When a little boy discovers that dragons like to eat tacos, he decides to host a taco party for them. But if a fire-breathing dragon accidentally gets a bite of spicy salsa, look out! A silly story about a dragon party that turns into a disaster.


On October 1st we are planning a full day of field experiences for all of our learners. We will need plenty of chaperones so consider joining us for a fun day of learning and exploration. Please remember all chaperones must have been approved by the SAU and wear their GSD ID’s.  Please watch for field trip permission slips coming home soon.

Field Trip Locations:

Grade Level



Choose Love Activities around our community
Gilford, NH

First Grade

Prescott Farm -Going Buggy, Seasonal Discovery Walk
Laconia, NH

Second Grade

Seacoast Science Center
Odiorne Point,NH

Third Grade

McAuliffe-Shepard Planetarium
Concord, NH

Fourth Grade

New Castle Commons-Team Building Activities
New Castle, NH

Important notices:

    • Gilford Got Lunch program is now accepting applications here. This organization helps provide meals for those in need within our community.
      Please review and take advantage of this service if needed.
    • Here is the free and reduced form for breakfast/lunch. If you need assistance completing the form, please contact Esther Kennedy at 527-9215.
    • Check out New Hampshire Tackles Hunger occurring on Homecoming Weekend (Oct. 5) at the football game beginning at 7:00pm at the Meadows.

Important dates:


10 Policy Meeting  7:00am  Office conf. room (see attached agenda)
PTA meeting  6:00pm GES
17 Constitution Day
18 Early Release  (Dismissal 1:00PM)
19 PTA Info Session  6:00 GMS (see attached flyer)
24 Volunteer Steering Committee Meeting, 2:15 GES Office
27 Spirit Day – Wear School Colors (blue/white or pandas)

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Have a great day!

Danielle Bolduc, GES Principal

Attachments available for 30 days until Wednesday, October 09, 2019:
Policy Development Committee Agenda 9-10-2019.pdf
PTA info night.pdf

I dryly note that the last citizen who spoke up at the School Board meeting made a heartfelt plea: Please make a motion to exempt the Elementary School from this policy”.  You know, the age of the kids – with the intent of “these kids are still learning how to tie their shoes and you want to shove this on them?”

None of the School Board members were willing to even offer a motion.  They just sat there.  They wouldn’t even take a vote.

You can email them:

Chris McDonough, Chair          
Gretchen Gandini, Vice-Chair      
Rae Mello-Andrews           
Karen Thurston                                   
Jeanin Onos