Gilford School Board – Public Comment session(s) testimonies - Part 2 - Granite Grok

Gilford School Board – Public Comment session(s) testimonies – Part 2


There is a reason why we are starting to roll out MicroGroks. The Gilford Steamer (the weekly that covers Gilford) is ignoring the transgender policy, rammed through by the School Board BEFORE the authorizing legislation (SB263) has taken force.

Nada from the Laconia Daily Sun (that I have seen, anyways), as well.

So, more testimony from the meeting last week:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

In Part 4, Ryan goes into a monologue of how bathrooms can easily be made gender neutral and safe.  He talked about codes, structures, walls, doors, stalls, and even peepholes (I don’t he did the “in advance” thingie as how to that would be received; most adults know that what can be used to look OUT with can also be used to look IN with).

I don’t he really liked the idea that, in Part 6, I pointed out that in doing his testimony, the unspoken and underlying assumption to the idea of doing all of this engineering and construction is that the Trans policy is no big deal AND widely accepted among the community.  Certainly clear was that he was talking about bathrooms that ADULTS were using – he totally sidestepped the policy that is either being laid down on:

  • for elementary school kids that shouldn’t be confronted with this issue – they are too young  for this.  Yet there he (and the School Board) goes in FORCING this sexualization onto them
  • Jr. and Sr. High School students that, for the most part, already have amped up on puberty and teenage hormones.  Not adults.

He was, however, putting the cart before the horse because he was the ONLY one speaking in favor of the policy. And he wasn’t happy that I was pointing this all out.

To Be Continued.