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Gilford School Board – October meeting. Leftist arguments on full display

I’m late in putting these videos up of the Gilford School Board’s October meeting where Policy JBAB, the 2008 NH School Board Association’s transgender policy was to be “read” and it was clear that the battle lines had already been drawn up and I think THE operational statement comes down to this: “You will be made to care” (Erick Erickson, blogger, writer, talk show host). The translation is that the Left and its SJWs (“Social Justice” Warriors) have already decided that because they care about some Left-wing social issue, YOU will care as well.  There is only the battle as to how long it will be before you do care – or be destroyed.  I’ve written about this in the past and it will continue for as long as anyone continues to defy them – just ask the latest to cave in: Chik-fil-A.  First under attack for then President /CEO Dan Cathy’s personal support for traditional marriage back in 2012, the Left’s intolerance of other beliefs finally beat them down to they now are rejecting, of all organizations, the Salvation Army and its many programs to help the poor, the homeless, and those in need.

The Left’s style of argument was in full display back on 10/7:

  • The use of children as political pawns (by Jake Maxwell – and I’ll come back to him in a while)
  • The use of raw emotion to displace structured reasoning as the method to set public policy
  • And of course, the denigration and Othering techniques and wording to GUILT their opponents into giving up.

In fact and to the latter point, I kept notes during the meeting’s first Public Comment period.  To a PERSON, what they said about those of us that opposed allowing this to be rammed down our throats, was that we were are or our motives are driven by:

Ignorant, Un-educated, Hateful, Fearful, Abusive, Opressors, Nazis, wish to marginalize the oppressed

You know, all the typical stereotypes that are thrown at anyone not willing to be assimilated. In fact, one young “gentleman” in a brown sweater and brown hat got up from where the majority of the ACLU’s Trans Justice mob was seated, sauntered up to the front and then over to where I was seated with my camera, and with a smile, said “I just wanted you to know I think you’re garbage” (at 8:06pm during the meeting) and then sauntered out. Boy, that left a mark, didn’t it? The only thing I didn’t hear outright was “you hide behind your religion in order to discriminate against everyone” – yet another indication of the removal of religion in the Public Square as if we of faith were to be shouted down and removed from said square – our opinion do not and SHOULD not matter.  And if a Constitutional Right is trampled on, well, we’re back to the old Communist saying of “well, to make an omelette, ya gotta break a few eggs”.

What they demand is coerced acceptance / affirmation of their lifestyle choice and if we refused, we must be bigots.  Our choices are of no concern to them. But I digress.

So here is the first video clip from that meeting: the usual “let’s get this started” items and then right into the first Public Session (pledge of allegiance, approval of previous minutes, rules for the Public Session) and then the first speaker in the first Public Session, Jacob Maxwell:

So that even after Chair Chris McDonough set the rules, this is the guy who had the outburst while I was speaking of “You’re a HATE blogger….I’ve watched your videos“. And the Chair shut him right down.

Sure thing, pal – the over 3200 videos are of either very dry political events or videos of our GrokTALK! It also shows the current feeling on the Left – ANYONE that doesn’t totally affirm their choices can only be capable of being HATEFUL.  Ran into this (CONTINUE to run into this mindset) even over same-sex marriage in that I’m a homophobe simply because I disagree.  That their modus operandi – immediately think the worst of anyone not of their side of the political or social aisle.  And that was just one of the normal “civil argument / debating points” I hear this day that just served to cement their weakness of arguments.

What really got me from his testimony were a number of things:

  • Is he really thinking that reading 3 & 4th grade student letters is supposed to manipulate the School Board?
  • Since when should children be the basis of making policy?
  • So how did these kids, from another school district, even learn about Jake Maxwell?
  • And which teacher thought it was such a great idea into these kids heads – HOW WOULD 3rd and 4th grade kids even know about “Transgender”?

But worst of all, his testimony shows an absolute horrible fact – that our schools are no longer places to learn reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic. Instead, they are becoming indoctrination centers on Leftist ideology. Certainly we know that most teachers lean Left – every study I have ever seen on political donations show that Conservatives (or even moderate Republicans) receive only single digit political donations and even at that, low single digits. The Left is all about sexualizing young children in schools from moving from simple biological facts to all of the perverted sexual practice out there.

And for the record, the Right believes this is a topic to be controlled by the parents. Again, however, we see the movement of Public Education to believe that the students are THEIR kids – and not the parents.  And THAT will play into this as well.

Was any parent asked “this is what I want to teach today – or did it just “happen”? Was any parent aware that their little Johnnie or Janie was learning this from their teacher in the classroom (or worse – some outsider)? Who taught these kids that anyone against the Transgender movement is “HATEFUL”? And what “educational professional” in another district thought it was a good idea to do this groupthink exercise without knowing all the facts.

Sorry, this is called “grooming”.

I have more video from that meeting, the intervening Policy Committee, this recent most School Board meeting AND the most recent Policy Board Meeting yet to go. It’s what happens when TMEW falls ill for an extended period of time. Fortunately, she’s better and I can get back to work.

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