Who Said, Democrats are "fighting about a lot of things that most people can’t understand" - Granite Grok

Who Said, Democrats are “fighting about a lot of things that most people can’t understand”

Ilhan Omar and her White Sugar Daddy

It’s time for another lesson from Democrats who think we can’t understand them because they’re so smart. And you won’t believe who is teaching today’s lesson.

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No, it’s not Mazie Hirono (D- HI) who said, “Democrats know so much, that is true. And we have to kind of tell everybody how smart we are,…”

Today’s lesson comes from the brother-marrying, campaign finance violating, homewrecker Ilhan Omar, who is funneling campaign cash through her lover’s political business.

She doesn’t mention that, but I’m sure all of the justification for that is over our heads. It’s actually beneath us, but let’s not get sidetracked by reality. This is a fantasy that permeates the entire left.

“What I believe is that, uh, there is a Warren wing of our party, um, and I would say that is most Democrats, it’s the one thing that everybody accuses us of – we think we’re the smartest in the room,” Omar said.

“We are very policy-oriented, we care about the details. Um, just today we were fighting about a lot of things that most people can’t understand,” she said. “And there is that aspect of Warren that is exciting, she has a plan for everything.”

Omar is so smart that even though she’s like Elizabeth Warren, she endorsed Bernie Sanders. You’re too stupid to understand, so she’s not going to explain it.

Do you see how that works? It’s like that for everything they do. 

We’re white devils except for the married man she’s screwing and the old white guy she endorsed. Don’t even ask. It’s way above your play-grade. Your mind can’t fathom the complexity of the plan within the plan.

But it’s not complex

The plan is to play the game to get as high up the ladder as fast as you can because when you get your policies in place, everyone else will be screwed. Don’t want to be “down ladder” when the Democrat socialism kicks into gear. All the middle rungs disappear, and if you’re there, get ready to fall.

Not complex and not new. The tyranny of top-down aristocratic rule is the oldest scheme in human history.

Pretending this makes you smart is cover. You might as well say you are chosen by divine right, or just descended from the proper (in this case) ideological “bloodline.” Whichever it is, the tyranny looks the same from either end.

But this does not mean you are super-smart. It means that you are the least stupid among idiots (mostly Democrats). People whom you’ve labeled as smart for voting for you but who are too stupid see how evil are your intentions.

Either that or you bribe them with other people’s stuff. It is a formula where they can do less and benefit from those who do more but never wonder why those folks would keep doing more when they could get the same deal for doing less. And what that means mathematically for everyone except the people at the top.

Put another way, most people who still vote for Democrats are morons or at the very least extremely short-sighted. Or maybe, they think they are smart like Mazie Hirono and Ilhan Omar, and when the rungs fall off the ladder, as they must, those folks at the top will pull them up.

Surprise! They used you, and now it is too late for all of us.

So, endeth the lesson.

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