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Facebook-Censored Social media, Shadow-banning

Candace Owens is Suing Facebook’s Fact Checkers

Candace Owens has stepped up and taken one for the team. Well, not the team. Social media’s so-called independent fact-checkers are none of the above. They create facts you never asserted and even fact-check your opinion. Owens has had enough; she’s suing.

Big tech control and your freedom

Big Tech Control and Your Freedom

Big tech control and your freedom is something you should pay attention to. What big tech is doing to conservatives might well be something described by Martin Niemöller.

Facebook and Twitter impose censorship.

Facebook and Twitter Impose Censorship

Last week we saw Facebook and Twitter impose censorship on a New York Post story. The story is regarding Hunter Biden. Facebook has an audience of 2.7 billion people worldwide. Twitter is the largest news source worldwide today.

Big tech control and your freedom

Big Tech Intends to Defeat Trump … At all Cost

Big Tech has been attacking conservatives for years but more recently they have shifted gears. Now they include classic liberals as the enemy too. Censorship is vast and fully surfacing following the suppression of the New York Post.

What if Trump Wins?

What if Trump Wins? … Prosperity Returns

America is at a crossroads. Most people recognize there is revolution at our doorstep. On one side are the Patriots. They are people seeking to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. They are conservatives and classic liberals. This group will vote for Trump.