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Sarsour Says America is a Fascist Nation. If So, why Are You Not in Jail?

Linda Sarsour

Linda “the antisemite” Sarsour was in Manchester New Hampshire Sunday to very little fanfare or reporting. One of the lies she was selling is that she is living in a fascist nation. She means America. She’s lying.

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If this were a fascist nation she’d be in prison. Right? Like that Australian couple. Tourists arrested in Iran while trying to prove the intolerance-stereotypes about the middle east were wrong. They’ve been in jail for ten weeks and are being handled like political prisoners.

That’s Fascism.

Sarsour is hanging with known apologists or supporters of terrorist groups or those that fund them. And she is still free to move about the country saying whatever she wants about America.

But speaking of Jail,

“In a 2004 article that appeared on the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism website, Sarsour acknowledged that a friend of hers as well as her (Sarsour’s) cousin were both serving long sentences (99 years and 25 years, respectively) in Israeli jails because of their efforts to recruit jihadists to murder Israeli Jews. Moreover, she revealed that her brother-in-law was serving a 12-year sentence in Israel because of his affiliation with Hamas.”

Family. You can’t pick-em (unless you choose to marry them like Ilhan Omar). Nor are you responsible for their actions.

But you can pick who you associate with. And Sarsour associates with groups like the MLFA. The Muslim Legal Fund of America, which has represented a long list of convicted terrorists. Always on the assumption that they must defend all Muslims against the injustice of Islamophobia.

The go-to term for anyone who opposes an ideology that claims to peaceful but if you look at the Middle East is always at war with itself and each other.

Yes, everyone in America deserves a defense. But MLFA also has ties to support for known funders of terrorism and radical Islamists who advocate or apologize for terrorism. Or who write off any reaction to that as Islamophobia to shut people down.

The MLFA also gives them platforms (Sarsour has 5 speaking events sponsored by the MLFA between now and mid-October). And it’s all tied to a global agenda to put everyone under the boot of Sharia Law, which Sarsour supports.

But America is Fascist in 2019?

Miss my Hijab is my hoodie wears the sexually repressive gender-fascist feature of her faith, which she is welcome to do. I would never tell her not too. But why is there an institutional lack of interest from the media in the contradiction? Women’s rights leader succumbs to repressive garb demanded by the patriarchy of her faith.

And now, from just three random seconds of video from her speech in Manchester, New Hampshire, I have demonstrated another fraud she perpetrates. Imagine what might happen if we listen to everything else you had to say in Manchester?

With one final note, for now. The UUC, Rights and Democracy (Sharia allows neither), and a host of other left-wing groups added their name to this event and by extension (according to leftist rules) the standards and contradictions she espouses.

Just sayin’.