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A Pandering Progressive “Show of Support” For the Institutional Oppression of Women.

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Hijab is a choice for Western women. Burdened with a systemic left-wing guilt complex, they don the headscarf in a pandering show of support. For what? The oppression of women. And if you find the urge, Macy’s, Nike, and Banana Republic (irony alert) are selling.

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“Banana Republic is the latest major retailer to sell hijabs, the Islamic head covering for women. Although the company has been praised for its new products by CAIR, it also faces backlash from the Islamic community…”

I’ve lost count. How many times have we told you (them) anyone who will listen, don’t go there?

There is no shortage of exposition on this blog site about the wasted effort on the part of Socially liberal Republicans to appease the left. This penchant culminated Friday when the Governor ‘quietly’ signed two bills that advance the Left’s cultural Marxist agenda … According to New Hampshire Democrat Party Chair Ray Buckley it wasn’t enough.

Banana Republic’s introduction to a similar truth (the socially illiberal backlash from the Islamic community) is a result of their Hijab models showing too much skin on their arms and legs.

The new line of hijabs has already sparked backlash from some members of the Islamic community, who have faulted Banana Republic for showing hijab models wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt and a side-slit dress, neither of which conforms to the Islamic dress code, according to an article in Vogue Arabia.

Islamic dress code?

Instead of saying wait a minute, what have we gotten ourselves into here, they pulled the offensive images without serious contemplation. No Big Picture moment. No, ‘why can’t we have these lovely women wearing headscarves with exposed arms or legs?’

A Hijab hides the head and hair so as to not unnecessarily arouse men. An offense that could lead to sexual assault, rape, criminal charges, or death for the woman involved.

Hijab is a sexist symbol of oppression.

Hijab represents everything progressive women decry about the patriarchy. The #MeToo movement is a rejection of women as sex objects. But Hijab, all the various forms of body covering are required because you are a sex object.

Morality police patrol neighborhoods and arrest women who are not wearing it. Jail and flogging are not unusual punishments for violating dress codes. Some women have acid thrown in their face. Violence against these women may be considered a service to the community.

If you refuse to wear Hijab and are sexually assaulted, this is not rape. Not only did “you ask for it” but by refusing to comply you could be imprisoned for disrupting public order.

I don’t mind liberals being stupid. It’s good for content. If retailers want to pretend they are #woke let the market decide their fate. But Hijab is the opposite of #woke.


Making hijab appear ubiquitous is part and parcel to the incremental Islamic conquest of western values. That ultimately includes sacrificing free speech, free press, and just about everything in the Constitution that exists to protect individuals from supremacy ideologies like Democrat Socialism or Sharia Law.

Nike, Macy’s and now Banana Republic are selling this oppression without realizing that much of what they sell other than Hijab, would be prohibited in a culture where that headscarf is required.

By the time they get that deer-in-the-headlights-look, it will be too late.

So, here’s an idea. Stop pretending you are #woke and wake the hell up. You are advancing an oppressive agenda they’ll never give back without a war in which you already appear ready to surrender.

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