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Victoria Sullivan: “It’s Official… I am Running to be Manchester’s Next Mayor!”

On this special day, I’ll be busy on the campaign trail working hard to spread my message to all in the Queen City. I’m passionate about fighting for a Manchester with quality schools that serve all of our students, more well-paying jobs, a vibrant downtown with thriving small businesses, a busy airport, safer streets devoid of …

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Where Did Our Three “New” Manchester New Hampshire Voters Go?

How about that voter fraud nest at 436 Walnut St. Manchester? The second-floor apartment rented from February 2020 through November 2020? Three cars, two with Massachusetts plates and one from New York, were parked outside most of that time. The three young ladies staying there were working on NH political campaigns.

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Mayor Craig: Heartless and Hypocritical

Mayor Craig clearly showed the homeless of Manchester that she is Heartless and a Hypocrite. Her actions over the weekend in regards to the homeless camp on Canal Street were both stunning and contradictory to her comments about other homeless encampments in Manchester.

Denver Homeless

On Homelessness and Hypocrisy

So the burning issue in #nhpolitics today was Sununu cleaning up an illegal tent-city outside the courthouse in downtown Manchester: Joyce Craig was not the only Democrat hysterical about Sununu “evicting” (showing your bias again, Kevin Landrigan?) the homeless. There are myriad examples, but they essentially all say the same thing, so let’s look at …

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