Is the DNC Tweaking its Formula Again to Pick Winners and Losers? - Granite Grok

Is the DNC Tweaking its Formula Again to Pick Winners and Losers?

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The DNC nixed Billionaire Tom Steyer from the next Dem debate. Crappy poll numbers and failed to meet donor requirements. Tulsi Gabbard, on the other hand, has reached the donor and polling requirements, and the DNC kicked her out too. Why?

The DNC was notoriously in the tank for Clinton in 2016. A fact we only learned because of hacked emails released to the public. Bernie got squeezed out. Gabbard was not happy.

Gabbard, then the Democratic National Committee Vice Chair, resigned from her post over the party’s treatment of Bernie Sanders. … Upon quitting her role with the DNC, Gabbard then endorsed Sanders against whom the entirety of the party apparatus had risen up to oppress during the hasty coronation of Hillary Clinton.

The discrepancy appears to be in which polls you use. While Steyer isn’t polling well enough in any, Gabbard’s polling is more than adequate in several polls. Her gripe, and it appears legitimate, is the lack of transparency.

The DNC is keeping its debate-poll secret sauce recipe under wraps. Ala Michal Mann-Made Global Warming and his Hokey-Stick data. Mann is so secretive he drops lawsuits he starts to keep it hidden.

As for the mystical DNC, no one knows what voodoo they use. It’s not clear, like how we’ll pay for Bernie’s Medicaid for all or AOC’s Green New Deal.

By all accounts, the polls of choice may be cherry-picked to ensure specific folks are left behind. At least they are acting like socialists.

Can’t Buy Me Polling

Steyer will have a field day with that. Even though his numbers stink, he can buy all the polls he wants. And Steyer should. Then he can run third-party with Gabbard as his VP (though I think it ought to be the other way around and just because she’s easier to listen too than he is).

Whoever’s on top of the ticket, come November 2020, they can get real revenge (which all Democrats love) when the party that screwed them finds many of its bright lights indicted during Trump’s second term for spying on a political campaign and colluding with foreign governments to influence an election.

You gets the Trump Prosperity. They get jumpsuits and legal fees.

And who knows, by 2024 America may be tired of all that liberty and economic prosperity. Too much winning. It could be looking for a little lean to the left. And with few, if any credible establishment Dems (and I use that word loosely) not peering through prison bars, the field is theirs to control.

Or something.

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