Kamala Harris Loses the Black Vote and We See Another Trait of Liberal Rule - Granite Grok

Kamala Harris Loses the Black Vote and We See Another Trait of Liberal Rule

Harris support among Blacks drops to one percent

Kamala Harris got smoked by Tulsi Gabbard in the last debate. Nuclear truth bomb. And Gabbard’s kept at it. Makes me wonder for whom in the field she is working because it’s working.

Harris’ support among Black Americans is down to one percent. That’s brutal for a ‘woman of color’ but it might not be as bad as this. 

“…, people began digging into Harris’s arrest reports and found that she had a knack for targeting minorities and over-sentencing for prisoners for cheap labor. This includes putting people behind bars for non-violent drug offenses like marijuana possession.

Soon after the debate, however, California’s Department of Corrections began quietly deleting Harris’s reports off of the website under the excuse of a site redesign.”

It’s a record on prosecution we can all not get behind. Complete with a ruling class, California Swamp coverup. A classic trait of the tyrant. Delete the emails, smash the Blackberries, Bleach-Bit the hard drives. Nothing to see here but hey look at what those Russia-Colluding ‘White Supremacist” Republicans are doing over there?

What, creating jobs for black and Hispanic Americans? 

Regardless of what it was, in the beginning, Gabbard’s new role is to take out Harris. So, the next real question is, can Harris hide or deflect her growing toxicity long enough to find a path to the VP nominee slot?

| RedState