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Kirsten Gillibrand is Out – Tom Steyer is Still Running but Polling Suggest He Was Never In


We’ve got good news on two fronts. Kirsten Gillibrand has ended her torturous campaign for President. She pulled the plug yesterday afternoon freeing her “supporters” to do something useful with their lives. Like Support Joe Biden. (That’s a joke.)

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In other useful news, Billionaire Tom Steyer has fulfilled my expectation. I suggested he’d wasted millions buying name recognition only to piss off so many as to make them hate him. They should. His ads are the height of hypocrisy but that’s not the problem. He’s late to the party and money can’t buy him polling.

He’s so uninteresting to the Left he lacks the cred to get on stage in the next debate. He had not yet met the necessary number of donors in the required number of states. But he also needed to attract 2% in four crucial polls. He’s not even close anywhere in the polling universe.

His overall RCP average is 0.4%, pretty darned low for someone who got in less than two months ago and claims to have hit that mark in three polls since. In today’s Quinnipiac poll, Steyer doesn’t even register, and hasn’t hit 1% in any polls in this series since starting his campaign. He got 1% in CNN’s poll last week, the same in the Fox pollThe Hill/Harris, and in the Politico/Morning Consult survey. He got a goose egg in the Economist/YouGov poll, and only 5% of respondents said they’d consider him at all. Steyer also got zip-a-dee-doo-dah in the latest Reuters survey, and Emerson.

Steyer’s problem is Steyer. He says he’s an outsider, but he is not. He is a big-money Democrat donor moving pieces on the board with big piles of cash. That destroys his get money out of politics and return the democrats schtick.

And filed is already flooded with rich white guys. 

Steyer is the Democrat equivalent of Republican Jeb Bush in 2016 minus any establishment hype.

He isn’t even worth a look as a VP candidate for the actual nominee because he brings nothing to the ticket except money and Democrats don’t need him for that. Money that he refused to give them in 2018 when he said, like Cerano to Jobu in ‘Major League.’

If you won’t help me hit curveball, I do it myself.

Steyer’s a jerk. Democrats didn’t do what he paid them to do fast enough, and he got cranky.

But if he can’t buy polling with millions in ads and he can’t buy a podium at the next debate, does he keep spending money for nothing?

He’s got plenty to spend. But no one cares.

Here’s my suggestion. Maybe you should buy a boat and sail away. Nobody and I mean nobody will notice you’re gone.