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GOP Holds High Hand in Budget Showdown

Wednesday and Thursday were good days for legislative Republicans.  They showed unified strength in sustaining the Governor’s many vetoes, sustaining 53 out of 55 so far this year.  This also showed the Democrats just how powerful the minority can be, when it bands together.  But, its too early to sit back and count the chips, as there are still cards being dealt.

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So far, the GOP has played their hand perfectly.  We even nearly had record attendance for this session on Wednesday, missing the mark by just 3 members at 382.  So long as they don’t blink, or fold, they can win the remaining hands and walk around with their heads high right up until November 3, 2020.

The remaining legislation is, of course, the budget.  Since July 1, the state has been operating on a clean continuing resolution.  Government funding has stayed level with the budget passed all the way back in 2017 that was in effect from July 1 2018 through June 30 of this year.  Over the 90 days of this CR, the state has saved nearly 63 million dollars.  63 million. 

Yesterday, House Democrats tried to suspend the rules to introduce a brand new budget they concocted at the last minute without letting republicans even read the bill. Rep. Judy Aron wrote about it here.

With the continuing resolution set to expire on September 28, legislators are scheduled for session again next Wednesday, the 25th.  All the republicans need to do to win is nothing.  Democrats can not introduce a CR or a budget without a 2/3rds majority voting in favor.  The GOP holds the high hand.

Don’t Fold

Anything more than a clean continuing resolution should be denied outright by Leaders Hinch and Morse. The budget from FY’18 and ’19 works great.  We have a surplus in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and our economy is thriving.  Democrats and Sununu have approved extra funding in certain cases over that.

Any additional spending that the Governor and Democrats want can be passed individually without compromising on the Democrat’s bloated budget mess.  Hold the line.

Sure, maybe the GOP will be labelled “legislative terrorists” just as the Freedom Caucus was in ’17 when it killed the Republican led budget, but it’s for the good of the state and Granite Staters. Don’t fold.  Don’t fall for the fear tactics Democrats have been and will continue to trot out.  We’ll have plenty of road salt this winter, just as we did last winter.

The Democrats have had more than enough time to compromise with the Governor and Republican leaders to find a budget that works for everyone without raising taxes, and they’ve played silly games and used it to bolster Dan Feltes’ Gubernatorial Campaign instead of trying to get anything done.  Make them pay, legislatively.  You stick together, the GOP gets a massive victory and the Granite State economy can continue to thrive without reckless Democrat spending, right up until we re-take majorities on Nov 3 2020.

You hold the high hand, use it.