[Update] NHGOP Releases Video on Sununu's Sustained Vetoes- All I do is Win! Is it Offensive? - Granite Grok

[Update] NHGOP Releases Video on Sununu’s Sustained Vetoes- All I do is Win! Is it Offensive?

Sununu sustained vetoes all I do is win

I’m not saying it was the best use of time but seeing Sununu’s face on a dancing rapper’s body is pretty damn funny. And, a bit Trumpian. We’re never going to get tired of winning. 

Former New Hampshire Republican State Rep. Yvonne Dean Bailey seemed less than pleased at first. [Turns out she was joking, my bad.]

Yvonne offended by rap video with sununu

She’s just bustin’ on Joe. 

But it begs the question, will someone be offended? Are Democrat’s socialists? Hell yes.  Of course, they will. When are they not? We’ve already reported on bursts of faux-outrage over today’s sustained veto avalanche, and we’ve got more coming.

And there was plenty more work to do when I posted this earlier today, but I was right to feel confident that the Republican House minority would vote to sustain the vetoes (still never trust the Senate). So, while celebrating, even light-hearted fun like this could have waited, it turns out it didn’t need too.

Here’s the video (and the legislature sustained 50 vetoes over two days so this is appropriate).

Update Explained: Yvonne pinged me to let me know her and Joe Sweeney are good buds and she was just messing with him. I have amended my original text to address this reality and added some relevant links, With apologies to Yvonne for reading it wrong.