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Concord’s Diversity Hire Sex Assault Scandal Update – Principal and Superintendent Put on Leave

Tom Sica Terri Forsten Concord School District

The ongoing investigation into a series of sexual assaults in the Concord School District has taken another left turn. It’s a scandal within the scandal. Not the diversity hire who was getting cozy with teen girls, but the administrative staff whom I believe helped hide it.

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To synopsize everybody’sfavorite: diversity hire Primo Howie Leung has been handling underage girls for years. After his employment in Concord’s Middle School stories revealed (after Leung was arrested) two patterns. Leung was a predator and the District and the Union were covering it up.

This is not a new tale. It is widespread but rarely reported.

After Leung’s arrest on charges in Massachusetts, investigators and reporters began uncovering the history. 

Principal Tom Sica and Superintendent Terri Forsten have been put on paid administrative leave.

The only thing I’m aware of that connects them – for which they might be placed on leave – is the sex assault scandal involving Leung. It has long been my contention that they knew, as did others. But to avoid embarrassment, and very likely to protect their diversity hire, they hushed it up or tried to silence anyone who they felt was going to take it public.

Parents and locals agreed and felt that they needed to go.

A petition demanding they be relieved exceeded its goal attaining over 2800 signatures. I can’t say that a thing to do with the latest move. They are, after all, getting paid to stew on their own time. But it seems likely my supposition is correct.

There are multiple reports of sexual assault by Leung at the Fessenden Summer ELL program where he’s been associated since at least 1999. We hear stories of inappropriate behavior at Rundlett and Concord High School. All of which, it is my contention, was both known by teachers, students, the union, and administrators.

I’m not sure we should expect anyone else to be implicated in a cover-up, but it seems impossible that the responsibility could be limited to these two individuals. And now that it has become a personnel matter, learning more may have to wait until someone leaks details or they are officially announced.

Principal Tom Sica had previously taken a leave of absence. That is no longer his choice.

The story is still developing.