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Concord School District Superintendent Tries to Apologize over Handling of Sex Assault Scandal

Primo Howie Leung

Concord School District Superintendent Terri Forsten is issuing a retraction-cum-apology. Having a few thousand people sign a petition to get you thrown out of your job will do that.

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Forsten is under pressure over the arrest of serial sex abuser Primo ‘Howie’ Leung. There are concerns that the school and district knew but did nothing. In a tersely worded email, she took shots at local reactions and the media. That prompted the petition which has produced an apology.

“It was not my intent to discount the news or the community’s reaction to what has been reported,” Forsten said. “More importantly, I did not mean for my words to be in any way dismissive or discouraging of our students and their experiences. My letter did not convey how seriously I take these events. I am deeply sorry that I chose my words so poorly.”

I think I can smell lawyer on that statement.

The district has already tried to buy off one student whom an administrator suspended. She had the nerve to mention her concerns about a teacher now charged with sexual assault of multiple minors. That Administrator is Tom Sica, the other name on that petition.

Given the circumstances, Forsten needs to tread lightly.  Sica is a crucial player in years of a systematic coverup by the district and the union. Especially with any number of other unknown third parties about, who may have been told to keep quiet for years about accusations of sexual assault by Leung.

Cover up

I have contended that Leung was granted this near-papal-like dispensation for his ‘sins’ because of his diversity cred for the District

Howie Leung has dual citizenship (his mother is from Hong Kong). He is bi-lingual. Leung is an advisor to student Refugee liaisons. He is a highly regarded educator.

He has a BA in Psychology and a Master’s in Education from UNH. A certificate in Special Education from Granite State College and a Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies (school Principal K-12) from Plymouth State.

The dude is Mr. Diversity. He’s top-heavy with Ed cred from New Hampshire schools.

The Progressive public-school system loves its diversity hires. And I’m still betting that somewhere near the bottom of this mess, there are emails or evidence that a lot more people knew or suspected and his diversity status is why they let it slide.

Keep that in mind as you navigate the left’s growing list of legislative incursions on your liberty based on the false-notion that they care about safety, especially that of your children. For which the left is forever apologizing, when they are not blaming someone or something else.

Image: Accused Teacher, Primo “Howie” Leung.