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Petition: Remove Superintendent Terri Forsten and Principal Tom Sica in Concord!

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The temperature is climbing in the Concord School District, after what appears to be a serial indifference to the presence of a sexual predator in their midst. A problem mishandled before and after the revelation became public.

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Note to Superintendent Forsten. This is more of that negative attention about which you are so unhappy. And look, it has transformed into a petition!

You can get caught up here, but simply put, a sexually predatory teacher with a thing for young girls was allowed to remain in contact with students when it appears obvious there was a problem. Primo Howie Leung’s problems with fondling young girls are been aggravated by the districts seeming indifference – or deliberate effort to avoid scandal.

The Principal, Tom Sica, is probably done. He is connected to efforts to hide Leung’s hijinks in both the Middle and High School.

Dr. Terri Forsten’s circumstances are unclear, though I’ve posited that it seems unlikely she did not know. And her response post-arrest has done her no favors. Which is they there is a petition at to demand they both resign and go away.

The Concord, NH community has been consistently and critically let down by CSD Administration. We need a change in Leadership! There is a culture of assault in our District and it needs to STOP!  The CSD has consistently demonstrated that it does not believe students who report serious and sometimes criminal activity. We,the undersigned, demand that the School Board take a vote of “No Confidence” in Superintendent Terri Forsten at the September 3, 2019 meeting.

Concord residents or anyone with students in the School District is encouraged to read up on the issues, sign the petition, and attend the Sept 3rd, meeting.

No one is asking anyone associated with the union to step aside. They are, traditionally, the single most significant point of pressure against administrators to dismiss accusations or charges against predatory teachers and are complicit in the cover-up.

Maybe they have no idea who in union leadership to blame?