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Concord High School Union Reps Tried to Discredit Eyewitnesses in Pedophilia Investigation

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Concord School District teacher Howie Leung likes young girls. We’ve made the case and suggested that plenty of people in power knew and covered it up, probably because he is a diversity hire. A coverup that involved two union reps who sought to discredit eyewitness testimony from students.

Two union reps, teachers at Concord HS, suggested that maybe students didn’t see Leung kissing another student.

Guidance counselor Karen Slick and art teacher Jeff Fullam, co-chairs of the grievance committee, wrote letters that questioned whether the girls could have seen what they reported, cited the unreliability of eyewitness accounts and suggested that the girls could have been punished for harassing their classmate by asking her about the interaction with Leung.

We shared evidence that students have been punished, by administrators, for reporting inappropriate contact between Howie Leung and young girls.

A trend that may well have continued if it had been one student eyewitness instead of three. But that didn’t stop the powers that be from trying to wait it out and make it go away.

The union representatives suggested Leung be given professional development opportunities to address “concerns around professional boundaries” instead of facing any disciplinary action.

Principal Tom Sica, who has a history of covering for Leung, was happy to oblige. We also know the Union was pushing for even less. And forever three months that was the plan. But it didn’t work out. Not that the Union didn’t try.

“As you know, eyewitness testimony is widely considered among the most unreliable sources of evidence in factual determinations of this sort,” they wrote. “Recent research findings indicate that when witnesses have an opportunity to discuss their observations with each other prior to giving testimony, the likelihood of reporting factual errors rises dramatically.”

So much for #MeToo or “For the children.”

This tack does, of course, beg lots of questions. Why was Christine Blasey-Ford’s ridiculously vague testimony against Judge Kavanaugh (decades later) considered reliable? How about Trump’s accusers? They are taken as gospel regardless of how long ago or how strange. For the Left, the reason is always politics.

Politics trumps people, even minor girls subjected to sexual assault.

And Leung is a political piece.

Howie Leung has dual citizenship (his mother is from Hong Kong). He is bi-lingual. Leung is an advisor to student Refugee liaisons. He is a highly regarded educator.

He has a BA in Psychology and a Master’s in Education from UNH. A certificate in Special Education from Granite State College and a Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies (school Principal K-12) from Plymouth State.

The dude is Mr. Diversity. He’s top-heavy with Ed cred from New Hampshire schools. That thing which the liberal education establishment clings too, adores, and would run cover for in times of trouble.

Do you think the priest scandals were bad? Public schools are the number one point of access for child sexual predation in America. Administrations, unions, teachers, and even school boards will hide this fact. Outside of local media, you hear very little about Union teachers sexually harassing minors who are also their students.

The union was hoping to discredit three female students who were eyewitnesses even if it put them or other girls at risk.

It didn’t work, and the rug has been pulled out from under all of them. But will anyone involved in covering for this predator suffer any consequences? We can only hope, but don’t hold your breath.