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Did Fealty to the gods of “Diversity” Cause Concord Schools to Ignore a Sexual Predator in Their Midst?

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Did the Concord School District, the teacher’s union, and everyone else ignore (and cover for) a sexual predator because he was a Diversity Feather in their Little Liberal Educator Caps?

If you’ve not heard, the 36-year old Primo ‘Howie’ Leung is a,

Concord School District special education teacher Primo “Howie” Leung, 36, of Hayward Brook Drive in Concord, was arrested on April 3, 2019, on a fugitive from justice charge in Concord as well as two aggravated rape of a child charges and indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 in Massachusetts, all felonies.

In a three-part series, Concord Patch catalogs what is known about the case.

My take on that reporting is this.

  • Leung has a history of ensuring he has access to young girls.
  • He tends towards roles where the girls have unique circumstances or special needs.
  • This is not something that just started. If I Had to guess there are significantly more than two victims.
  • There has been a strong suspicion that he is a predator of young girls for years and it is likely this was well known to administrators, teachers, and the union.

Read the Patch articles and tell me you don’t get the same suspicion.

We know for a fact that the district tried to shovel the latest incident under the rug. Three witnesses spotted Leung in a car with a student. His arm around her, kissing her. Leung was not separated from students. He got a memo, a warning, and a plan for improvement which the union said seemed a bit excessive.

Rules of conduct, including ethics rules were ignored. He’s 36 years old. He’s been leading students (ages 9-15) in various capacities since 1999 when he would have been 16 or 17 years old. This can’t be the first time.

And it’s not. While New Hampshire investigators are at work, Leung is in jail in Massachusetts on multiple charges related to the rape of minors from 2015.

Leung has been working in the Concord School district for 12 years. No one noticed or said anything?

I think they did. I believe it got sidelined by people in power. And I think I know why.

Howie Leung has dual citizenship (his mother is from Hong Kong). He is bi-lingual. Leung is an advisor to student Refugee liaisons. He is a highly regarded educator.

He has a BA in Psychology and a Master’s in Education from UNH. A certificate in Special Education from Granite State College and a Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies (school Principal K-12) from Plymouth State.

The dude is Mr. Diversity. He’s top-heavy with Ed cred from New Hampshire schools. That thing which the liberal education establishment clings too, adores, and would run cover for in times of trouble.

After this last incident, he was on the cusp of being let-off the hook. How many times has that happened? We don’t know but I’d bet money that the Teachers Union and School Administrators have, for years, known and were hiding his predation. All because he’s Mr. Diversity. And in the liberal hierarchy of ‘protected persons’ that supercededs protecting your ladies from sexual abuse.

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