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The Current State of Leadership in the Gilford Schools

Gilford School Superintendent Kirk Beitler(Concord Police mug shot via Concord Patch) In our legal system and under our constitutional republic, an individual charged with any crime is presumed innocent unless and until convicted under a finding that the charged offense occurred beyond a reasonable doubt.

Whiteness is power indoctrination screen grab

Girard Supports Concannon, Condemns Manchester School District “Whiteness Training”

MANCHESTER, NH. June 28, 2021–“Daniel Concannon is a brave individual and I want to thank him for exposing what’s happening in the Manchester School District and for his courage in confronting the “woke mob” as it works to indoctrinate our students and staff into racist ways of thinking about and behaving toward people who are …

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Schools as Institutional racism

Manchester School Board Defends Racism

Racism has worsened in our country as so-called “anti-racists” have turned away from the example of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and sought to label and pit those who “will always be oppressors” against those who “will always be oppressed.”

Spend Spending

Nashua School District Staff Should Not be a Protected Class

On Friday, March 13th the Nashua Board of Education voted to provide full compensation to all district personnel for five days from March 16th to 23rd while shutting down the schools. There was no discussion of the cost to taxpayers as these funds were already in this year’s budget.