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Clear as Day: Concord School District Knew Diversity Hire Was a Predator And Covered for Him

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Longtime Concord School district teacher Primo Howie Leung is a child sex predator. There is evidence that he has been sexually assaulting minors for years. And in my opinion, his predation of young girls in the Concord school system was known and covered up by the union and administrators.

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His most recent indiscretion almost got swept under the rug thanks to administrative maneuvering. We’ve no idea yet how often that happened but previous efforts to hide his behavior made the news last week in the Concord Monitor.

A seventh-grade student in 2014, (Ana) Goble noticed the popular teacher often holding special lunches and field trips with a select group of girls. She felt boundaries were being crossed and said his relationship with some students was inappropriate.

But when Goble spoke up, first to some fellow students and then to her parents, she was suspended by Tom Sica, then the principal of Rundlett, for spreading “malicious and slanderous gossip.”

I don’t typically recommend you read the Monitor, and this article is long, but read this. It lays out facts relevant to my presumption. And it makes a great argument for ending the public school monopoly. The system is corrupt to the point of being dangerous and has been for years.

I strongly believe that Tom Sica, principle at Rundlett Middle School, knew Leung was assaulting girls and hid it. The same way he tried to run cover for this latest incident.

In 2014 he railroaded a concerned student into a suspension. Probably to silence any other kids who might want to make similar observations.

In 2018, as the principal of Concord High School, Sica left Leung in the classroom for months (after accusations of inappropriate behavior) while he peddled an administrative memo seeking a plan for improvement.

We know for a fact that the district tried to shovel the latest incident under the rug. Three witnesses spotted Leung in a car with a student. His arm around her, kissing her. Leung was not separated from students. He got a memo, a warning, and a plan for improvement which the union said seemed a bit excessive.

In the recent Monitor report, the School District is falling all over themselves to cover up Sica’s work in 2014. The district has agreed to pay a $10,000 settlement to Ana and $5,000 to the parents for legal fees through its insurer Primex. The agreement does not assign blame and: “states the settlement “shall not be deemed an admission of fact by either party,” and states Goble’s family will not pursue the matter further.”

It’s hush money. Because the district knows they could sue for a lot more. Because she was punished to protect the cover-up.

There are multiple reports of sexual assault by Leung at the Fessenden Summer ELL program where he’s been associated since at least 1999. We hear stories of inappropriate behavior at Rundlett and Concord High School. All of which, it is my contention, was both known by teachers, students, the union, and administrators.

Sica suspended Ana to keep it quiet. Other stories may emerge because Leung was a diversity darling.

Howie Leung has dual citizenship (his mother is from Hong Kong). He is bi-lingual. Leung is an advisor to student Refugee liaisons. He is a highly regarded educator.

He has a BA in Psychology and a Master’s in Education from UNH. A certificate in Special Education from Granite State College and a Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies (school Principal K-12) from Plymouth State.

The dude is Mr. Diversity. He’s top-heavy with Ed cred from New Hampshire schools. That thing which the liberal education establishment clings too, adores, and would run cover for in times of trouble.

Liberal Identity Politics put scores of girls in the crosshairs of a known predator.

So, don’t buy any of this mea culpa crap from the Concord School System or their astonishment at the depth and breadth of the predation. I’m convinced there is a massive cover-up here and I hope the NH State Police are as interested in exposing those individuals (and charging them) as they are in making their case against Leung.

That would go a long way to protecting students from predators who may be attracted to the job of teaching because it gives them protected access to their prey.

Reminder: Concord Patch has an extensive three-part investigation into this case here.