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Professional Left Can’t Let Go of Their False “Violence” Narratives

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Knives, clubbings, and cars each kill more people annually in the US than scary rifles™. But there’s no Bloomberg-funded Mom’s Demand Action for Knife Sense. What gives?

Knife violence doesn’t matter? Is that because it would decline if criminal wielders of sharp objects suspected their prey could be carrying a firearm? 

Try the UK Instead.

Start a Knife chapter of Mums Demand Action (not to be confused with Moms Gone Wild). These Mothers would be helping the state disarm citizens in Mother England because without firearms for protection Brits are getting stabbed in record numbers

Wait, England is already lost to the #Woke Liberal culture and descending into multiculti chaos.

Here in the US, where people are stabbed to death at a significantly higher rate than are killed with scary rifles™ (all rifles combined, actually), sharp or pointy objects are not a threat to politicos atop an armed super-state.

So, no Moms Demand Knife Sense, blah blah blah.

Neither are cars nor  SUV’s. So no Bloomberg Mom’s Demand Action for Car Sense, either.  Because the Left’s real motivation is tyranny; need to focus on banning the weapons most likely to prevent them from achieving that. And that weapon would be Firearms. 

Still confused? Stop watching TV news.

The professional left doesn’t give a Baltimore rat’s backside about public safety. If they did BLM, Antifa, even your average, everyday pack of feral, angry, brick-throwing, Birkenstock-wearing globalist “anti-globalists” would be shunned by elected Democrats across the fruited plain. Instead, they are heroes.


They threaten public safety in defense of the left’s systematic march toward tyranny. And to support that tyranny, the whole lot of them lies a lot.

Case in Point.

Today at (1 pm ET) Granite State Progress, the out-of state-funded progressive activists are going to besmirch Republican Governor Sununu. Why? He looked at how the Democrat’s Common-Sense Gun Laws turned Baltimore and Chicago into the wild west, with all that blood in the streets. Then he took a gander at New Hampshire’s current gun laws. At how safe we are as a state year after year. And when three Democrat “common sense anti-gun bills” hit his desk, he said no thanks.

Maybe they’ll even broach the subject of out of state money. Finger the NRA for buying the corner office. That’s a lie too.

The NRA didn’t try to buy the NH government but Bloomberg and the anti-gun left has. And oh, by the way, the US is not the world leader in mass shootings. 

Glenn Kessler, the fact-checker at The Washington Post, … suggests that CPRC’s research (proving US does not lead the world in mas shootings) is misleading for including acts terrorism, which, he suggests, inflates the number of mass shooters abroad, however, if we excluded acts of terrorism from mass shootings, the El Paso shooting would not count as a mass shooting, as it is now being investigated as domestic terrorismThe Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting, and the Las Vegas shooting were also considered domestic terrorism incidents. If those, and other similar incidents, don’t count as mass shootings but as terrorism, then we should be having a completely different discussion.

Democrats like to change the definitions of things when it advances their political agenda. Not such big fans when it works against them. The same way they call posting their voting records or quoting their public remarks, hate speech.

It’s all a sham. Men are women. Laws are for little people.

Rank and file working-class Dems need to walk away before it’s too late. Because this harassment never stops. And if they take over, it is followed by police visits.