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How Much $$ Did Michael Bloomberg Spend to Buy the NH Senate?

On Tuesday, April 30th, the New Hampshire Senate Judiciary Committee will hold hearings on three pieces of destructive gun control legislation that passed the Democrat-controlled house.

NYC billionaire and Godfather of gun control, Michael Bloomberg, funder and founder of various gun control organizations like Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Moms Demand Action and Everytown for ‘Gun Safety,’ has been spending money to not only push gun control measures in New Hampshire but also to elect Democrats who will support his agenda.

In reviewing the expenditures of Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, it is remarkable to see how much of an interest Bloomberg has taken in one of the safest states in the country.

The money Bloomberg spent on elections via Everytown does not include the hundreds of thousands he’s spending on lobbying efforts. This is separate spending. But what’s a few hundred thousand dollars to a billionaire hell bent on taking the fundamental human right of self-defense away from Granite Staters via politicians he buys into office. Of course, you probably already know Bloomberg doesn’t actually live in New Hampshire.

Expenditures by Bloomberg, via his Everytown organization, can be found on the New Hampshire Secretary Of State’s website. The report includes money spent on NH Senate Democrat candidates along with NH House candidates.

You can view the filed, paper reports or you can download the handy-dandy Excel spreadsheet listing Bloomberg’s spending below:


Here’s a snapshot of the list of NH Senators Bloomberg spent money on:

Bloomberg gave over $100,000 to the Family Friendly PAC, also known as the Family Friendly Action Fund, a Super PAC registered in Concord that pushes the paid family medical leave act that is otherwise known as the Democrats’ Income Tax.  They spent money supporting Democrats in the NH Senate and spent money against Republicans. You can view some of their expenditures here. The total was over $78,000 on the NH Senate races in 2018.



It might not be obvious how this organization is related to gun control but it seems the same person, Alice Chamberlin, who runs Family Friendly PAC, is also part of a new gun control organization in New Hampshire called ‘SAFE SCHOOLS.’ What is the intention of ‘Safe Schools:’

Formed 06/28/2018, amended 4/19/2019 “Amendment 4/12/19-501(c)(3)-To promote the protection of the schools and people of New Hampshire from all forms of violence, including gun violence, and to do so through education, research and training.”


There seems to be a lot of blurred lines among Democrats and the organizations they control and fund. In reality, many on the extreme left support gun control and have no qualms about taking massive out-of-state cash to push their gun control agenda onto law-abiding Granite Staters, even using ‘Family Friendly’ or ‘Safe Schools’ as a ploy for unwitting residents. And if you look into the financial election records of NH Democrats, you’ll see that committees of one candidate give to other candidates as well.

To be fair, since Democrats are constantly demonizing the NRA, I took a look at the NRA Victory Fund expenditures in 2018 as well. The NRA spent less than $6,000 in total and a majority of that was for  Governor Sununu’s re-election. Hardly an amount even worth mentioning compared to Bloomberg spending:


Two out of the three Democrats (Martha Hennessey and Shannon Chandley) who sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee received direct contributions from Bloomberg. Melanie Levesque, the third Democrat on the committee did not receive direct dollars from the Godfather of gun control but she’s definitely pro-gun control.

From Vote Smart on gun control issues. Anyone who says they ‘support the 2nd Amendment but…,’ does not actually support the 2nd Amendment, especially when she specifically mentions two gun control myths that have been debunked over and over again:


Some Bloomberg legislators are intentionally lying about the ‘gun lobby’ in New Hampshire when it comes to one of Bloomberg’s most destructive pieces of gun control legislation, the Red Flag bill:

Clearly, based on factual evidence, it is the gun control lobby that is spending money to actually harm the lives of Granite Staters by pushing legislation that is not only discriminatory but violates multiple rights protected by both our NH Constitution and the United States Constitution.

NOTE: The Red Flag bill did not pass out of the House Criminal Justice Committee, it is being held and will most likely be back in January of 2020, with even more Bloomberg money to help shove it down the throats of Granite Staters.

Politicians are elected to represent the people of their district, not out-of-state billionaires with an agenda. The left is constantly shrieking about money in politics yet they seem to ignore the massive amounts of cash their own side spends to elect politicians and push policy.

Granted, the amount of money Bloomberg spent during NH elections in 2016 isn’t very much compared to the total amounts that were spent but it shows a trend with Democrats. A trend that supports criminalizing law-abiding citizens while enabling criminals, all while ignoring that New Hampshire is consistently one of the safest states in the country.

The hearings coming up next Tuesday will be interesting but most likely nothing more than Kabuki Theater. The Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats will all vote for the Bloomberg supported and funded gun control, regardless of what a majority of their constituents want.

The legislation will then make its way to the full senate for a vote and you can bet money (pun intended) that every NH Senate Democrat, especially the ones Bloomberg helped buy into office, will vote to pass gun control, constituents be damned.