Four Times as Many People Killed with Knives Than All Rifles Combined

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Four times as many people were killed with knives and sharp objects than hammers and clubs. And more people were killed with hammers, bats, and clubs than rifles. That’s all rifles, not just the scary black ones.

[T]he category of “rifles” used by the FBI includes bolt action, pump action, single shot, and semi-automatic, as well as those the left describes as “assault weapons.” This means only a percentage of the 403 deaths attributed to “rifles” would have been carried out with an “assault weapon.”

In the last year for which we have data, 2017, rifles were involved in 403 deaths. There were 467 deaths from blunt objects and 1591 people were killed by someone using a knife or cutting instrument.

These trends are consistent year over year.

But America doesn’t have a knife problem any more than it has a gun problem. The issue is people. And disarming good people doesn’t stop bad people from doing harm. It just makes it easier for them to do it.

Advocates for incremental civilian disarmament are not pursuing matters of public safety, it is exactly the opposite.

| Breitbart