Blood Dancers Gathering in Concord Monday - Granite Grok

Blood Dancers Gathering in Concord Monday

Human Sacrifice H/T The Kakistocracy


“Chris Sununu, like Kelly Ayotte before him, should fully expect to face the wrath of Granite Staters who are sick and tired of weak-kneed politicians who aren’t willing to stand up and take bold action to reduce gun violence. Join us for this press conference to call out Sununu and launch our accountability efforts.” Granite State Progress

I don’t know about you but them sound like fighting words.

So it seems that Zandra Rice Hawkins, Concord City Councilor, boss lady of Granite State Progress and the rest of the Dem, Prog and Lefty blood dancers are gathering in Concord tomorrow at the Legislative Office Building at 1 pm to hold a “Shame on Sununu” press conference.

Not satisfied with Democrat Representative Ed Butler and David Meuse being caught on videotape trying to shut up an opponent, not satisfied with old ladies being assaulted, maybe she and her pals are looking to actually, finally provoke a public confrontation?

Understand clearly, these are the people who demand the rest of us disarm and bend to their will.

I wouldn’t waste one nano-second on these people.  Scrub your shower. Weed the garden.  Clip your nails.  Do something productive instead.