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Democrat NH State Senator Melanie Levesque is Selling a Lie About Vote Suppression


Democrat State Senator Melanie Levesque is selling a lie. That out of state student voting rights are suppressed. That they are being asked to pay a poll tax. Sorry, the only thing being suppressed is the truth, by Levesque and NH Democrats.

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Levesque argues that,

Voting is a constitutional right. I question motives of anyone wanting to make voting harder, especially for certain constituencies like students.

It is, but how is New Hampshire making it harder? Levesque leans on the idea that asking someone to get a driver’s license in the state is a poll tax. It’s not a poll tax when you do it, but if a temporary resident like a student has to do it, it’s a burden.


Not only is it not a burden and not unconstitutional, no one is suppressing anyone’s voting rights. There’s a process in place, nationwide, to protect those rights.

Just ask the Bedford Democrats.

They sent a letter to every graduating student in town reminding them to register to vote and – if they are going to college out of state – to request an absentee ballot. So, they can still vote in New Hampshire.

For those of you who may be leaving the area for college or other endeavors, you will need to request an absentee ballot to be able to vote as a Bedford resident

Guess what? Out of state tuition-paying college students attending school in New Hampshire have the same rights and privileges as New Hampshire students matriculating outside our borders. 

They can request an absentee ballot too. No one is stopping them. Except, perhaps, State Sen. Melanie Levesque and New Hampshire Democrats. They are the only vote suppressors in this discussion.

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And surprise! You don’t need a New Hampshire driver’s license to get an absentee ballot from the state that appears on your current driver’s license or State ID. That “evidence” domicile and residency in the state that made you acquire them – where no one considered them a poll tax.

Not here. Not anywhere. Except in the mind of Democrats like Melanie Levesque.

Every citizen 18 years of age or older, whether away for business, military service, or any other purpose or reason is just as capable as NH Students learning outside the Granite State of asking for an absentee ballot. 

That is why we have them. To protect their constitutional right to vote.

But if they do that, they can’t vote for Melanie Levesque and erase legitimate votes cast against her in New Hampshire. They can’t stuff your town and city ballot boxes and elect people who pass laws and write budgets whose costs these students will probably never have to pay.

They will depart New Hampshire and leave you holding the check – paying the price for votes they stole because NH Democrats told them they didn’t need an absentee ballot: that they should vote here.

They should not.

One more point. When is Senator Levesque going to address the injustice of UNH charging significantly more for four years of the same UNH education for students voters it claims are from out of state compared to those UNH claims are actual residents?

We won’t hold our breath waiting for that answer.

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