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Bill Gardner Should Release the names of the 5,313 Non-Residents Who Voted Same-Day in Nov 2018

New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner

A county prosecutor in Florida just caught an illegal voter. The news articles about it serve as an example of how the press sells the story of the person involved and voter fraud in general. There is a pattern.

Here is the headline from a local paper.

“Prosecutor: Woman, 71, Used Fake Citizenship Papers To Vote”

Having been involved with voter fraud for some 20 years and having turned people committing voter fraud into Florida authorities, several times, there are things for which I would like interested readers to look.

The title of this news article says this woman used fake documents but didn’t mention she voted illegally (several times) with fake documents. You need to go to the article for that.

The county she was charged in, Alachua, got the information about her from a “tip” from another county. Which means someone was sharing information.

“Rodriguez de Shehab, a registered Democrat, voted in elections — possibly in more than one county — over several years, Cervone said. His office was alerted to the case after receiving a tip from investigators in Duval County, where de Shehab is now registered to vote.”

I would love to know how the first county was alerted? That should be part of a real story about voter fraud.

Here is a crucial sentence in the article about the alleged vote thief:

“Rodriguez de Shehab repeatedly voted while knowing she wasn’t qualified, Cervone said, but the charging document does not indicate that she voted in the same election twice.”

“Qualified” is the keyword used regarding her status as a voter. She was not “qualified” and the word “qualified” is used nationally as the description to cover a lawful voter because there are several requirements to be qualified to vote and each state has their own qualifications.

US Code 52: 10307 is also in play. This woman voted in elections involving federal offices, multiple times. That carries hefty fines and imprisonment. In some cases, the Feds do prosecute.

It also mentions: “the charging document does not indicate that she voted in the same election twice.” This is the excuse New Hampshire uses to not prosecute voter fraud.

Unless a voter votes twice in the same election, NH doesn’t care. In our state we have at least 5,000 same day voters who had valid out of state driver’s licenses they used as identification as well as an address in New Hampshire that, turns out, was not their lawful domicile.

Those non-citizens, in effect, are allowed by NH election officials to have two domiciles. One is fake – just as this Florida voter used false documents to steal votes. Qualified voters in NH, like you and I, are only allowed to have one domicile.

Our Florida voter has a history of voting without being caught. Voter fraud is not always a one-off and done. A handful of voters can cast hundreds of votes.

“In the charging document, Cervone said she voted illegally in Alachua County elections on Aug. 28, 2018, March 20, 2018, March 14, 2017, and Aug. 30, 2016. She also voted illegally in Alachua County on Nov. 8, 2016, which was the U.S. presidential election.”

And here comes the mandatory statement in all voter fraud stories:

“Cervone said voter fraud is rare and he does not remember the last time his office has handled such a case — if ever.

“Something of this sort — deliberate fraudulent activity — is exceedingly rare. I can’t recall another one like this,” he said. “Sometimes we see this in absentee ballots, but I don’t remember the last deliberate voter fraud case that I heard about — other than those kooky people on both sides that claim it happens in every election.”

I am one of those kooky people who caught Florida residents voting in NH. If NH lets the public see who is voting in our state, I could catch more. Limited public documents I still have access to let me find a Dover, NH/Florida voter and an absentee Manchester, NH/Florida voter.

The NH AG’s Office recently caught a Hooksett, NH/Florida voter who lives in Marietta, Georgia and is registered to vote there. No idea how that case will turn out.

It is time Secretary of State, Bill Gardner, released the names of the 5,313 non-residents who voted same-day on November 8, 2016 before we have another election and add to that list.

If you get caught and convicted of driving in NH without a license – your name shows up in the papers. Why do we do that? Could it be that NH doesn’t want unlicensed drivers running around our state?

How about we let the non-citizen voters in NH have a taste of publicity?

Doesn’t a qualified NH citizen’s vote count that much?