Do NH Democrats Agree with Beto? "This country was founded on white supremacy." - Granite Grok

Do NH Democrats Agree with Beto? “This country was founded on white supremacy.”

Robert Francis O'Rourke - Beto

You can probably crowdsource this one for me, but how many New Hampshire Democrats agree with O’Robert O’Francis O’Rourke? About what? That America was founded on White Supremacy? Sherry Frost? Rosemarie Rung? Better question? How many don’t agree?

Desperation sets in as Ideological All-Star becomes A Nobody

In Bobbie O’s Defense, he went from media darling (Vanilla O’Bama) in a one-man Texas Roadshow to a pasty white McNobody McIrishman in a crowd of Democrats clawing for attention. But he still said it.

“This country was founded on white supremacy. And every single structure that we have in this country still reflects the legacy of slavery and segregation and Jim Crow and suppression.”

Search it and guess from whom you won’t get hits? Five pages deep and no CNN, no Alphabets, not even MSNBC, who would be agreeing with him. NYT? WashPo. I probably didn’t dig deep enough.  So, forget the Honeymoon being over. They never made it on the plane. Which is good because of the carbon footprint for those things…nevermind.

Similar but Different.

Beto is but one of many bringing the crazy to get a whisper of earned media. Here in the Granite State we have elected Democrats who have nothing to lose by showing their crazy. From Rep. Sherry Frost (who lives in a very safe Dem district from where she can speak “truth to power” with little or no electoral consequence) to Democrat Rosemarie Rung who won in a Democrat wave election in a solidly Republican town. 

Frost was the gift that keeps on giving until Rung rolled up on the scene. Sherry has competition.

Rosemarie is behaving as if she was elected in the People’s Republic of Keene. They have campus riots there, ban nicotine, and promise to go 100% green by (insert future date here). Merrimack is still a Republican town. But with half the House Reps wearing Team Blue for the first (and hopefully only time ever), she seems to think that’s the new normal. 

She’s said things publicly like, you are a traitor for supporting Trump. If you don’t like taxes you hate America. Or,  that the only unnatural sex act for young teens is celibacy. She has suggested that Democrats support smarter border security (I think she means none). And this is a favorite,

‘How about o gun laws as long as the only guns people are allowed to have are those that existed when the Constitution was written.’

The Women’s Defense league responded, ‘Get back to us when you’ve responded via parchment paper and quill that is carried on horseback, Mmmmmkay?’

No, she still didn’t get it.

Then there’s this gem. Hillary lost because young men who couldn’t get women to have sex with them took it out on Hillary in the 2016 election.  There’s something off if you think men of any age associate Hillary Clinton with Sex. Her husband Bill doesn’t even do that.

She’s not alone. Merrimack has three more like her. Their voting records are rubber-stamps of the far-left agenda. Criminal Sanctuary, useless bans, higher taxes, meddling with business owners, green energy boondoggles, and multiple incursions on liberty (that’s a short list). I’d be surprised to find they don’t agree with Beto.

Which brings us to the optional homework assignment. Ask around. Let us know if you stumble across a New Hampshire Dem who takes the bait or never needed it. 

We love to share.