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Local Democrat: Young Men Who Couldn’t Get Laid Took It Out On Hillary in 2016 Election


We live in (I’ll call them) exciting times. A local Democrat, whose party has worked so hard to turn boys into girls, resorts to sharing content from evil Wikileaks suggesting sexually frustrated ‘men’ are the reason why Hillary and the Leftist ideology lost 2016. Seriously?

Kimberly tagged her this morning as this week’s Left-Wing Loon of the week.

Merrimack NH House Rep. Rosemarie Rung. She shared a post linked by Wikileaks with a graph from the Washington Post (where erections die in darkness). Rung posting Wikileaks – a strange sort of collusion if ever there was one.

It posits the idea that young men whose sex lives were upended by the 2008 recession took it out on Hillary by voting for Trump. 

Young Men not having sex


A decline in sex? Won’t that be bad for Planned Parenthood

Can’t Hillary be a lousy candidate? Can’t leftist ideology be unappealing? 

They can’t vote for Trump, (after eight years of Downer Democrat-Obama) because they want to feel proud to be American? It has to be vindictive knee-jerk anti-feminism?

Hey, they’re not sexually harassing women. Why can’t you just be happy?

Something Research Something

If you are curious academic left-wing ‘research’ is top-heavy with this sort of twaddle. There are piles of reports by ‘experts’ explaining why hateful mostly white men probably didn’t vote for Hillary.

Scholars and journalists have advanced many theories for why the white working class supported Donald Trump by such large margins: economic dislocation (Sides and Tesler 2016); their diminished fortunes relative to previous generations (Cherlin 2016); resentment of urban elites (Cramer 2016); cultural backlash about the end of white, Christian America (Jones 2016); … sexism (for a summary, see Beinart 2016Bialik 2017). …

Anything look familiar?

Rung - Trump Voters have EDRung is “Colluding” With Russians

Remember when Wikileaks was an evil Russian colluder with treasonous Trump? Wikileaks released Hillary Emails, John Podesta Emails, DNC emails. They were not flattering.

So, how dare Democrat Rosemarie Rung validate evil Wikileaks by sharing that content.

Let Boys Be Girls

Does this mean the Democrat war on boys has been a failure? A success?  


What if these young men are saving themselves for marriage (whatever that means)? Could they be converted evangelical prudes instead of the spiteful anti-feminist army Wikileaks posits?

Does it even matter? They didn’t vote for Hillary or European socialism, or bigger government, or more swamp, or bowing to foreign powers, and the no growth new normal, or spying on reporters and private citizens, so they must just hate women!


The Party of Electile Dysfunction

Back in the real world, this is more Democrat projection. They are the party that cries when they lose. That allows the fortunes of political candidates to determine everything including their romantic inclinations.

The Left, mostly the far-left, which includes the “feministas” have been on a vindictive campaign of revenge for two years. It’s all about the feels. And they are angry at anyone who disagrees with them. People who swore we all had to accept the outcome of the election when they thought Hillary would win and have refused to accept the result because they lost.

They are children who didn’t get their way. So, spoiled and obsessed that when their chosen savior, a Trump hating Swamp rat like Mueller, can’t find collusion after 675 days and a room full of Trump hating pro-Hillary investigators, they kick him and his report to the curb and say they will never stop.

As if average Americans (including a few under-sexed young men) are impressed by a government that uses its power to investigate its opponents until it finds something to indict and prosecute. 

Wait, let me guess? Your brand of socialism won’t be like that at all right? Except it already is, and so was Hillary, which is why she lost.