Democrat Rosemarie Rung: "To Me People That Say Taxes are Theft Really Say, I Hate America" - Granite Grok

Democrat Rosemarie Rung: “To Me People That Say Taxes are Theft Really Say, I Hate America”

Rosemarie Rung

If you’re looking for a challenge try this. Find, if you can, an example where Democrats did something with the power afforded to elected officials that didn’t put the State before the people?

Every so-called good deed is paid for by other people’s money and run through the government laundromat. Before it gets to wherever it is assumed it will do good, government offices, agents, typically Democrat union employees, take a piece.

And no so-called good should be done without government oversight.

Taxes are patriotic. You didn’t build that. And if we’re honest, they are saying that none of this is possible without them taking your money and spending it. You’re just too damn stupid to do it without Democrats.

Which puts this bit of entertainment from Democrat State Rep Rosemarie Rung in its proper perspective:

Rung reacts to Taxation is theft

Taxation is the act of taking money from someone else by force – typically of law.

Creating a law to take other people’s property because you’ve got the votes doesn’t make it morally right. And it does not change the fact that when you deny them choices they might otherwise make with their income you rob them of those choices. (That’s theft.)

Legisaltive leaps of regulatory control send a similar message. “Give me that, you’re not doing it right” is followed by, “and now I’ve got to keep an eye on what you do with what I’ve left you.”

Nice message.

Rung’s comparison to Ethiopia doesn’t even make much sense

A few points about Ethiopia. First, from 1974 to 1991 it was a socialist armpit.  After the messy civil war, the winners settled on the Federal Parliamentary Republican form of government, at least on paper. In reality, it is an authoritarian one-party state ruled by The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front.

And they do charge taxes.

The top individual income tax rate is 35 percent, and the top corporate tax rate is 30 percent. Other taxes include value-added and capital gains taxes.

Ethiopia’s overall tax burden equals 12.4 percent of total domestic income. I’m not positive, but I think New Hampshire’s is a lot less at least before the latest Democrat budget. 

Though that’s not a fair comparison. Per capita GDP in Ethiopia is extremely low. A problem created (or made worse) by, you guessed it, the authoritarian government.

Private citizens are not allowed to own land without permission from the state which still controls its use. This makes it nearly impossible to leverage its value to improve your circumstances.

If you’ve got a problem with that, the Judiciary is a separate part of the government but is not actually independent. Twenty-Eight years of one-party rule will do that.

Election tampering is frequent, and opposition political parties are nonexistent. Not serious ones. So, the people have little or no particpatory function in government except to rubber stamp the ruling party candidates when asked. 

Is it Envy?

If you’re wondering why Rosemarie Rung would even make such a comparison it might be because Democrats would love to have the sort of control Ethiopia’s government has over property and people. A Place where taxes are not the only form of theft. Where bribery and corruption are frequent features. And loving your country means voting for the ruling party because that’s all there is and they always win anyway. 

It’s an authoritarian state. There’s no free press. They don’t have free speech. And the only improvements appear when the state loosens its grip which it seems inclined to do but not likely for the benefit of villagers in Tigray who can’t take them to court or write an op-ed in the local press. Not that they would invite that sort of attention to themselves if they could.

Otherwise, it’s a fabulous thesis, and my advice is to run for re-election on it.