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What Would Alana Biden Do?

If you thnk lrtting proplr from out of state Vote in NH if OK youre Gonna have a bad timeOne of the most serious problems confronting us, with regard to New Hampshire’s meaningless notions of residency (domicile or presence), as they apply to non-residents being permitted to (encouraged, allowed, not prevented from) voting here, these votes are decisions whose consequences are a State legislature and local governments which then acts as if actual taxpayers chose them.

The absurdity of allowing this can be exemplified in the case of Alan Biden.

Alana Biden is the current Vice-President’s niece and has never lived in New Hampshire.  She is currently working in New York City, where she appears to be (believe it or not) an American History teacher (with emphasis, perhaps, on redefining any opposition to vote fraud by the likes of her as vote suppression).  She has been a student in Connecticut and at Harvard in Massachusetts, but never New Hampshire.

But she voted here.  The excuse for permitting this fraud is the supposition that no one could know if she intended to stay or not.  This from the same people who pound their chests about the “brain drain problem.   We can’t keep college kids here, but we should allow them to vote as if we think we could; oh, them, and then the hundreds of professional Democrat campaigners who flock in every election cycle just to vote here and then leave; adult children of resident Democrats who have homes and families in other states; folks who were never here–voting absentee from the homes of elected Democrats; and what the heck–people who crossed the border for beer or cigarettes–they can vote too, as long as it’s for Democrats.

Alana Biden can only claim to have been alive in New Hampshire (which is not actually “required” to be able to vote here), but not alive with any more significance than that of any other “tourist” who drops by to enjoy our lakes, leaf-peep, ski, hike, or snowmobile.  She was a tourist, with the exception that most tourists don’t stop by a ballot box and cast a vote as if they are an actual resident before they leave.

And no one, including the Democrat Party, the press, or even Biden herself believes that she had any intention of staying here any longer than it took for that ballot to get counted before she hoofed it to New York just hours after.

I’m sure she had fond memories of her brief time here, but I am inclined to yank that rug out from under her after reading the personal blurb on her Twitter home page.

“I write and teach things. Character is fate; so damn, I better work on my character.  new york, ny · musicgorilla.com/blog “

“Character” must mean stealing a vote in a state you are just visiting instead of mailing an absentee ballot to where you really live.

Oh, and on Nov 5th 2012, Alana retweeted this from David Axelrod

Contempt for the electorate?  If that’s not dripping with irony.

Contempt for the electorateis exactly what Alana and all the other campaign fraudsters have for New Hampshire’s citizens.

I think we can all agree that Alana Biden needs to work on her character (and I just don’t mean because of the prodigious use of the F word on her Twitter feed).   You have to have a big black hole in your character to believe that you have the right to pass through a state you have never lived in and decide their elections for them while you are there.

Alan Biden voted in New Hampshire in November 2012, and  her vote counted the same as yours or mine, and I’ve lived here 24 years.

Biden voted on Election Day by swearing in an affidavit that her domicile was 145 Steinmetz Drive in Manchester.

After the election, she left the state and moved to New York, according to her LinkedIn profile.

145 Steinmetz Drive is a single family home, no apartments, owned by Daniel J. Kalik, (603) 669-8434.  Daniel Kalik also has a ‘presence’ in Arlington, Virginia because he works for JStreet in Washington DC as their director of political affairs.

Daniel Kalik, Political Director. Kalik oversees all of J Street’s political activity, including JStreetPAC, the largest pro-Israel PAC in the United States. Kalik’s political career began at an early age as he grew up in the ‘first in the nation’ primary state of New Hampshire where he was lucky enough to meet every presidential candidate who ran for office in the 80s and 90s. In 2003-4, Kalik worked in Vermont at the national headquarters of Howard Dean’s presidential campaign. Kalik holds a law degree from The George Washington University, is a member of the Massachusetts Bar and has a degree in Economics from Tufts University Contact Daniel

He has, of course, donated money to New Hampshire Democrats like Ann Kuster, and Carol Shea-Porter.  JStreet itself is a huge contributor to Carol-Ann Shea-Kuster.  But Kalik, at least, can claim to live in New Hampshire.

(I admit that I am now curious.  How many other non-residents have voted from his 145 Steinmetz drive home over the years?  We’ll look into that.)

Daniel also has a very nice picture of himself with VP Joe Biden on his Facebook page.

Daniel Kalick and Joe Biden

He’s JStreet, Biden is Biden,  but I suppose we could still ask the “which came first question. ” Did Biden know Kalik before or after his niece Alana used the Manchester flop house to steal a vote in New Hampshire?

But back to my point.  Alan Biden’s vote is no different from that of any of the other Democrat vagrant or campaign ho-Bo that shows up to pick through our political trash and leave their non-resident ballots in their wake.

No different than the absentee ballots of Democrats from Massachusetts or Arkansas or Virginia or anywhere else–all cast from the homes of elected New Hampshire Democrats (though many of them did “mail them in” and were probably never actually here at all).

No different than the vote of Caitlin Legacki, who voted without even being here, a vote cast in her name without her (apparent) consent or knowledge.

No different, in that they chose elected officials for you who will now spend their energy and your money on their priorities, and choose the laws that affect every day of our lives– decisions Alana Biden and the rest will never have to pay for or under whose rule she will never have to live.

It is theft of more than a vote.

You can make all the excuses you want for this, but the facts remain.  These people do not live here, will never live here, and anyone who argues that they can’t know the minds of someone like Alana Biden, when they give her permission to steal your vote, is a lying scheming, bastard.  (Alana Biden–Hotchkiss School, Harvard, borrowing space in another person’s home?  She  left for NY so fast on election day she didn’t even have time to tweet for weeks.)

But she voted here.   So let’s run with that.  Voting comes with responsibility.  If they won’t stay and accept it, perhaps we need to bring it to them instead.

If Alana Biden can be allowed to have a voice in who runs your town, county, and state government in New Hampshire, not to mention who goes to Washington, I think it’s time we demand that the same local media that mostly glossed over her voting visit in November 2012 (or more importantly its significance), call her up at least a couple of times a week, every week, to get her input on how she thinks her New Hampshire representatives are doing.

Yes, it’s a long distance, out of state call, which should tell you everything you need to know about just how absurd New Hampshire’s electoral laws are, but almost everyone has heard of Skype these days so that should take the price-pressure off local reporters who must now keep Alana Biden on speed dial.

James Pindell at News 9 could add her thoughts to his weekly political winners and losers, though he might have to note that actual residents living in the Manchester ward from in which Alan Biden voted are losers every week for letting her and countless other non-resident democrats, steal their votes year after year (after year).

You know what?  I bet we can get Rich Girard to call, email, and tweet questions to Alana Biden every week?   She voted in Manchester, she must have an opinion about the recent issues surrounding the school board and transparency.   She probably chose a NH house rep, a state Senator, and an Executive councilor, even our governor.  What did she think of Maggie Hassan’s 80 Million dollar gambling blunder?   Does she approve of the bills they are writing, the money they are spending, their priorities?  Alana Biden is not one of those low information voters, she’s a political creature willing to roam the fruited plain in pursuit of the Democrat party Agenda.  She voted in Manchester, and as a result, those elected officials are spending other people’s money and making decisions….she’ll….neverhave to live with.


What Would Alana Biden Do?  Would she come back in 2014 to help Jeanne Shaheen, vote here again and then leave? She’s probably still on the checklist.

Would she ‘rent’ a room at Martha’s Motel in the Historic Vote Fraud District of Portsmouth, New Hampshire to assist the driving disabled vice-chair of the New Hampshire Democrat Party cling to her perch in the State Senate, and help Shaheen keep her job as well–and then drive back home?

Might she shack up with Cindy Rosenwald in Nashua or Michael Brown (the Asst NH AG) in Salem, New Hampshire?

There is always 1200 Elm Street, where there are plenty of rooms for people from out of state who need a place to vote from before they leave.

Or should we just wait and see if  someone pretends to be Alana and votes in 2014 as someone pretended to be Caitlin Legacki in 2012?