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Where Did Bryan Gregory Griffith Vote Absentee From?

The Arborist just touched on it, I’m going to beat it with a bat.  (A Democrat approved methodology, let us not forget.So tell me again - vote stealing activists use NH Democrat Martha Fuller Clarks house to vote from)

Martha Fuller Clark’s memory is not terribly reliable.  So we probably can’t ask her to explain why a Lawyer from Arkansas (Bauxite AR to be exact) used her address to vote using a New Hampshire Absentee ballot, listing her Portsmouth Voter-Moter Motel home as his place of residence.

That’s right fair citizens of New Hampshire–those of you who are actual citizens of New Hampshire, not only do we have to contend with voter laws that allow this kind of crap

[New Hampshire] Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan previously said —. that state law allows a person to move to the state one day, with the intention of staying in New Hampshire and registering to vote the next day, then to move out of state the third day because of a life change.

…which means that anyone who wants to can legally stuff your local ballot box and steal elections from you. And now we’ve got a lawyer from Arkansas voting absentee as if he lives in Portsmouth New Hampshire because he can’t make it to “his Portsmouth polling place” in New Hampshire, on election day 2012!

I guess the big question, gosh there are so many of those we should make a list when he mailed his absentee ballot to Portsmouth,  where did he mail it?

Does he have a current  New Hampshire’s Driver’s license?  We’d love to see that because I’d bet money you could stake out Marta’s Motel and you wouldn’t catch a glimpse of Griffith.

We should ask this question again as well.   If an out-of-state interloper can vote absentee to cast a ballot in a state he doesn’t even live in, why can’t people who are temporarily in New Hampshire, who live outside the state, cast absentee ballots in the states where they live?

You know what would be awesome; if there was a paper trail you could follow to investigate voting and domicile irregularities in New Hampshire?

Did you know that over the years New Hampshire Democrats systematically made investigating vote fraud almost impossible? Tried to make challenging voters impossible at polling places? They even sought to make challenging a voter you didn’t think lived in your town a crime. Then made vote fraud more or less legal, so that stealing your votes and elections, would not only guarantee them power in places where they didn’t deserve it, no one would be able to prove it.

That’s where we are, and that is why we have to do this the hard way.

What they are doing is still immoral and unethical; it is still stealing votes and stuffing local ballot boxes; it is still stealing elections.  But Democrats are doing it; they know it, it is their intention to do it, they have been at it for years, and they will do or say anything to avoid getting caught.

I wonder what they’ll do to prevent, eh, never mind.  I’ll hang on to that thought for a while.