Ask Nashua NH Democrat Candidate Latha Mangipudi If Alysha Tierney (Of Ludlow MA) Will Be voting Absentee From Her Home Again in 2013? - Granite Grok

Ask Nashua NH Democrat Candidate Latha Mangipudi If Alysha Tierney (Of Ludlow MA) Will Be voting Absentee From Her Home Again in 2013?

If you could just stop letting out of staters vote from your house that'd be greatLatha Mangipudi isn’t just a Nashua Democrat running for the New Hampshire House (in a special election on November 5th, 2013), she also aids and abets vote fraud by letting an out of state campaign worker claim residence in her home at 20 Salmon Brook Drive in  Nashua, New Hampshire.

The out of state campaigner is Alysha Marie Tierney (pronounced like “tyranny”).  Alysha lives at 5 N Arthur St Ludlow, MA 01056-1849.  She is currently a Staff Assistant at Harvard Kennedy School of Government (according to her LinkedIn page) but before that she was a college student at the University of Virginia.

Massachusetts, Virginia, Massachusetts….

You may have noticed that her only connection to New Hampshire appears to be claiming to live at Democrat candidate Mangipudi’s residence so she could steal the vote of an actual Nashua resident.  That observation would be correct.

What makes this even more interesting is that while the same NH AG’s office (that employs people who also harbor out of state OFA workers who vote from their homes) will claim she “established a presence, ” why did her “presence” have to vote absentee from 20 Salmon Brook Drive in Nashua NH?  Couldn’t she have voted absentee from her obvious long term and ongoing “presence” at 5 N Arthur St. Ludlow Massachusetts?  Or how about from the University of Virginia where she must have had a significant “presence” after years of going to school there…a requirement that even New Hampshire recognizes as reasonable intent for domicile purposes the moment you agree to pay out of state tuition.

It remains to be seen as to just how many states Alysha Tyranny Tierney is registered to vote in, but we’re not here to debate that point.  New Hampshire Democrat House candidate Latha Mangipudi of Nashua must have told Alysha she could register to vote from her home.  She must know that Alysha actually lives in the state right next to New Hampshire.  And knowing she was a Massachusetts resident, with a Massachusetts drivers license (no doubt)  she looked the other way.

And should actual Nashua voters in Ward 8 be concerned about a candidate who is so aloof about the integrity of local elections?  Should they ask Mangipudi whether Alysha Tyranny Tierney, who is still on the voter checklist in Nashua, will be voting absentee from the Mangipudi residence in the upcoming Ward 8 special election this November–like she did last November?

Should they believe her when she tells them no?