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Did an Out of State OFA Staffer vote in NH From the Home of a Sr. Asst. NH AG’s Home in 2012?

If you could just stop letting out of staters vote from your house that'd be greatThe short answer is yes, it looks like an OFA Campaigner did register to vote, and then voted in the 2012 general election from the home of a Sr Assistant New Hampshire AG.  Some context?  Happy to provide it.

We recently introduced you to Melissa Shohet.  Melissa went to High School in Hawaii, has been interning for a Democrat US Senator from Hawaii in 2013, Mazie Hirono, in DC.   She also worked on Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s campaign in Virginia this year, and will likely be heading back to College at McGill University in Canada where she attends.  I dn’t think she has graduated yet.

There is at least one other McGill Student or former student who worked for OFA in NH (follow the Link above for more on him) but other than that thin link to a college in Canada, Melissa is not tied in any way to NH, nor ever would appear to have a reson to stay in NH, which makes her temporary domicile situation a bit dicier given recent declarations by the NH AG’s office about out of state voters and…domicile at Martha’s Motel in Portsmouth.

So here is your head scratcher for the day.

When Melissa Shohet votes in New Hampshire, she claims to live at 5 Stone Post Road in Salem New Hampshire, the home of Michael and Christine Brown.   Michael K. Brown.  Michael K. Brown is a Sr Assistant Attorney General for the state of New Hampshire.  The same attorney General’s office that…all together now; just exonerated New Hampshire Democrat State Senator Martha Fuller Clark for having what? For having a number of OFA campaign professionals registered to vote from her home in the historic voter-fraud district in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, one of whom is a Lawyer from Arkansas who voted absentee….from her Portsmouth address.

I couldn’t find any other Michael K. Brown’s in New Hampshire.

Seems kind of odd, don’t you think?  The AG’s office is looking the other way on what appears to be inappropriate (at the very least unthical) voting activities by out of state campaign operatives working for and with the New Hampshire Democrat party, living in the homes of candidates for whom they would be voting, and it just so happens that a Senior assistant NH AG has one of them registered to vote, and voting, from his own home in Salem New Hampshire.

So who is Governor Hassan going to ask to investigate that, if she asks at all?  The AG’s office?

Yeah, we can certainly trust their judgment on this….said no one ever again.