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Can Former Gov. John Lynch’s Endorsement Help Biden Appear More Moderate?


The second most popular governor in recent New Hampshire history, John Lynch, just endorsed Joe Biden for President.

Following, the official announcement of Biden’s candidacy; former Democratic Governor of New Hampshire John Lynch threw his considerable support behind the campaign. In an interview with WMUR-TV, an ABC affiliate based in Manchester, New Hampshire, Fmr. Gov. Lynch said:

I trust Joe Biden. I think he is a person of strong moral character, ethics and integrity. And I think that’s what we need in the White House.”

It’s an interesting choice and a compelling endorsement. We’ve had one-flavor of Democrat candidate in multiple forms traipsing around the state for months. They’ve all been pushing the same policies further and further left. Saying crazier things to stand out. Anything to gain some traction with a Democrat base that loved them some Bernie Sanders in 2016.

Biden is more team-Hillary. He’s got Obama campaign support. He’s an old school career Democrat beholden to the ancient party machinery. This gives him the appearance of a more measured and sober appeal.

John Lynch was sold like Biden will sell himself. As a more moderate version of the Left. The adult in a room full of yapping children. Lynch sold that well. But when push came to shove, Lynch caved to pressure politics from the Democrat socialists who run the party. So will Biden. He’s already revealed that to us.

There’s Nothing “Everyday” About Joe Biden

Biden’s appeal hinges on his ability to convince the left that he can fool America. Get them to buy-in on the centrist marketing. Everyman Joe Biden. But Biden was never an everyman. He’s been a politician his whole lie. He is more disconnected from reality than any other candidate in the race except Bernie Sanders. Sanders is a career politician and a communist.

Talk about a reflection of the modern Democrat Party. The two candidates polling best among the base of the party that claims it represents regular Americans are old, white, career politicians, with no connection to the real world whatsoever. Sanders and Biden. 

The only dirt they ever got on their “work boots” was either a frustrating accident (if the even own workboots) or an act of political theater.

Democrat donors, also disconnected from reality,  have showered them with millions. Not a working day between them.

So, what does the Lynch endorsement do?

It might send a message to independents in the Granite State to push Biden past Sanders in the First in the Nation Primary. And that’s all Biden needs. He probably doesn’t need John Lynch for anything else. And neither does New Hampshire or the Democrat party.

Which begs the question, what does the Lynch endorsement of Biden do for Lynch? Well, he got some press but is it good press? 

I trust Joe Biden. I think he is a person of strong moral character, ethics and integrity. And I think that’s what we need in the White House.”

Biden is a plagiarizer, a bit too handsy with women, has the cloak of bumbling VP upon him, and seems a bit daft besides. His gaffe reel is prodigious. A perception amplified when he announced on The View that Obama had no scandals. There were plenty and Joe is heading into a race with one all his own.

I doubt any of that will reflect well on Lynch, but odds are good it won’t reflect at all. The assumption that John Lynch has considerable anything in a party that left him behind years ago is an equally considerable stretch.

I think he can be successful, against Donald Trump. And I think, if Joe Biden is the nominee; he’ll be elected President of the United States.” -John Lynch

All the posturing and fantasizing about the Democrat nominee comes down to one point. Can they beat Trump? Not a very high bar for a potential America’s President. John Lynch thinks Biden’s the guy. So, do a lot of other people. People who were convinced Trump would lose in a Landslide.

But it’s early. Very early. The primary is almost a year out. Can Biden even keep up? Maybe Lil’ John can help carry a bag. Something useful to get him a gig in a Biden administration?

And if you are wondering who the most popular New Hampshire governor is in recent memory, that would be Gov. Chris Sununu.

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