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Joe Biden Abandons Centrist Every-Man Label Then Almost Admits He is Running for President

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Vice-President Biden has always been portrayed as the moderate anchor to Barack Obama’s left-wing extremism. But in the New New Democrat that doesn’t fly. The embrace of socialist dogma is part and parcel of any serious effort to win the heartless-mindless-left.

In preparation for that challenge, Joe has begun lurching left.

At a dinner with about 1000 Democrats, Creepy Joe Biden ditched his centrist clothing and embraced his progressive record. Let slip that he is running for president. Then he took it back.

The former vice-president made the slip while addressing 1,000 Democrats at a dinner in his home state of Delaware.

He said his record was the most progressive “of anyone running for the United-” before correcting himself and saying, “anybody who would run”.

The audience stood up and chanted “run Joe run”, while Mr Biden crossed himself and said, “I didn’t mean it!”

He also says he wants to bring the country back together again. By which he means, to quote Hillary Clinton that there can be no peace until Democrats win. A war where collateral damage to anyone who disagrees with them is acceptable, per Nancy Pelosi. 

So you either accept subjugation or an indefinite political war. I’ll take the latter, thank you very much. And not just because you’ve been waging it all along.

As for Biden, he was always liberal but can he be what the new base demands? Openly socialist? And in doing that, and this relates to whichever of the “31-Primary tasteless flavors” wins a nomination, come back to the middle for any chance at winning the office?

Actually, he’s probably got a better shot at the latter than anyone else who has so far announced. But is that enough to get the win?

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