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Former Obama White House Counsel Indicted as a Result of Mueller’s Collusion Probe

Obama And Craig

Gregory B. Craig, Barack Obama’s former White House counsel, has been indicted by a Grand Jury. Craig is charged “with making false statements and concealing material information about the legal work he did with Manafort for the Ukrainian government in 2012.”

Craig did lobbying work for Ukraine and had ties to Paul Manafort who has faced similar charges for his work with that government.

The Craig indictment is interesting. There are significant connections between people in Hillary Clinton’s orbit and Ukraine. The Obama White House also has some shady dealing to confront and Joe Biden, specifically.

Biden, who is the choice of New Hampshire Democrats for president if the election were today, is up for a rough ride politically. He is on the record using American grants as leverage to get a Ukrainian prosecutor dismissed.

The prosecutor was investigating Biden’s son Hunter. The Younger Biden received a cushy appointment to a board of directors of a Ukrainian company and lavish monthly cash reimbursements after the Elder Biden had visited the country previously.

Joe Biden, while vice president, is reported to have threatened to hold up nearly a billion in US loans to Ukraine if that government did not dismiss the prosecutor investigating his son (and the company alleged to be providing Hunter with kickbacks).

He was receiving kickbacks. Ukraine did dismiss the prosecutor, and the investigation went with him.

And Biden is on tape admitting to it. And there are prosecutors in Ukraine with more evidence of corruption, but the US Embassy won’t give them visas to come to DC.

The Clinton’s should also be worried. Their alleged ties to Ukraine are no less suspect. Hiding them may well be a primary motivation for the Russian Collusion probe aimed at Trump.

And now a prominent Democrat has been indicted as a result of the Mueller investigation over ties to Ukraine.

Like I said, interesting.