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MoveOn Wants You To Attend a Presidents Day Protest against Trump’s fake emergency


You have to check out this title from’s latest outrage email. “Attend a Presidents Day Protest against Trump’s fake emergency.” Fake emergency? How much money have Democrats and government asked for to address the four-year-long drug crisis? Sorry, the epidemic?


Money that was requested to address a problem whose source is what, again? Mexico. The unprotected southern border. 

So, none of that was a crisis? No epidemic? Children and family members dying. The whole “government needs to do something?” About what? If there’s no crisis. So, you’ll give all that money back?

Oh, but there was a crisis. A national crisis. Maybe even a national emergency. One that Democrat policies on open borders and immigration created.

That Democrat-run sanctuary cities made worse.

These are those “smarter Democrat Border Policies” Merrimack Democrat Rosemarie Rung mentioned a few weeks back. Democrat Obama-Era open-borders lead to drugs, addiction, crime, violence, misery, and death.

Make Democrats Own This

Democrats caused it. They protected it. They still defend it. And they did it for votes. To flood the nation with dependents whom they hope to count on to accumulate political power.

Sure they did, why else rant and rave about things they ignored when Obama did them. Why demand that the question on citizenship be removed from the 2020 Census. Why else refuse to advance an amendment on enhanced background checks that referred illegal immigrants who failed that check to ICE?

You want the millions of illegals to count for the purpose of distributing seats in Congress. Seats that would overwhelmingly go to Democrats. And you want those illegals to have immunity from prosecution or deportation for breaking the law.

The end result of that is millions of addicts, thousands dead. Families and communities devastated. Gangs and narco-terrorists enriched. A rise in crime, gang violence, and human trafficking.

It was a national emergency long before Mr. Trump invoked it. To which point, you did get right. But like everything else, it’s just emotional baggage. Yes, this is an undemocratic power grab. I’m not the least bit happy about how this is going down. But Democrats and their policies facilitated that.

You destroy everything you touch. All for the blind pursuit of power. And if Trump were a Democrat declaring a national emergency to (I don’t know) disband ICE to leave the border open to more drugs and gangs, you’d be praising it.

We’ve got an emergency. You helped create it. And you want to make sure it continues.