Citizenship Question Can Stay on the 2020 Census (for Now)

Census 2020

Last March the Commerce Department made Liberal heads explode when it announced its intention to ask a question about US Citizenship on the US Census. I know, crazy talk. Who the heck would want to know if you were actually a citizen or someone else just hanging out here.

The Left immediately moved to stop it and shopped a Judge in NY who did just that.

Now, a second Federal Judge has ruled that,

“The Bureau did not act contrary to the E-Government Act by deciding to collect citizenship data before conducting, reviewing, or releasing a PIA addressing that decision.” she wrote. “Nor have the defendants ‘unlawfully withheld’ agency action by declining to conduct or release a PIA earlier than they were required to under the statute.”

Judicial Presto-Changeo and it’s back.

This does not mean the question will stay on the 2020 Census. There are other suits in process. Which is why the Trump Administration has asked the Supreme Court to give an opinion. But if you look at who is suing and who advocates for what you can draw clear ideological lines.

Democrats want illegal aliens to count because it will bump up population numbers adding Democrat districts in Congress. But if illegals have to answer the question, they fear they will go uncounted.

I have a suggestion. If they stopped aborting the babies of American minority women they wouldn’t need illegal aliens. Nor would they need them to lie on the census so they could pad the population numbers on the Democrat urban plantations.

Just a thought.