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Democrats Don’t Want ICE Notified if an Illegal Alien Fails a Firearm Background Check


Pointless background check “enhancement” legislation is the bread and butter of gun-grabbing leftists. They live their rhetorical lives demanding them. With at least one exception. A Florida Republican offered up an amendment to a Democrat anti-gun bill that would expand which agencies get notified if someone failed a background check while attempting to purchase a firearm.

Those agencies would include the nearest FBI field office, both the state and local law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction over the would-be buyer, and “(i)n the case of an alien illegally or unlawfully in the United States, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

House Judiciary CommitteeDemocrats rejected the amendment. They didn’t want ICE notified if an illegal alien failed a background check.

Enhanced background checks are the bomb unless the person buying them is a criminal alien.

Democrats have no problem siccing the FBI and state and local law enforcement on American citizens who are rejected by the NICS system, but are apparently aghast at the idea that those agencies, as well as ICE, would be similarly alerted if a non-citizen who isn’t even in the country legally also failed the background check for a firearms purchase.

I’m sure they don’t want them to have guns but please, don’t notify ICE. We want to play catch and release in our urban sanctuary ‘utopias’ until they manage to obtain a gun illegally, and do what with it?

Feed a media narrative for more anti-gun laws, of course.