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You Want to Talk About Cultural Appropriation? Let’s Do that!

statue-of-liberty-2501264_960_720With all This Talk about Cultural Appropriation when is someone going to start focusing on how the Democrat party has appropriated (or been appropriated) by secular-humanist-socialist-Marxism?

It’s not American. It contradicts most, if not all the cultural foundations or tenents of our nation. So, why does the modern Democrat party, its politicians, and their mouthpieces, get away with appropriating a late 18th-century Euro-Russian worldview and forcing it down our throats?

Every time you hear some Democrat or media puppet chanting about how evil it is to embrace other cultures ask them. Why do you oppose a uniquely American melting pot where those who came here integrated the best parts of their culture (food, dress, holidays, customs) with ours while learning English, and embracing and defending equality of opportunity, liberty, and free market capitalism?

How is your appropriation of that failed Euro-Russian culture of the state before the people not a transgression against a uniquely American vision that runs contrary to the one you have adopted?

How is your insistence on treating a constitutional Republic like a Mobocracy not an insult to every Immigrant or American who came before to strengthen this land into the greatest exercise of poverty-killing freedom in world history?

And why should anyone (your whiney, snowflake selves in particular) not be offended by your own efforts not just to undo that success but drag us back into a style of living better suited to serfs and peasants beholden to ruling class masters?

Everything about that is an imposition of an old-world culture of rulers and ruled over the one indigenous to the United States, and it’s founding.

You’re doing it while complaining about it.

Having said all that, you are free to continue whining and crying and pounding whatever it is that passes for your chest. But all that’s going to get you is more questions and ridicule at your own hypocrisy.

But there are plenty of places in the world as broken as you and your worldview and they’d be happy to backstop your choices and lifestyle with other people’s money.

Which proves my point.

There is no other place like America. So if you are in America, stop bitching about cultural appropriation. Learn English, get a job (or better yet create some), embrace equality of opportunity, liberty, the rule of law, property rights, free speech, State’s rights, and defend the constitution and the republic.

It doesn’t mean you have to abandon any culture. In fact, aside from the short list of things that made American culture possible (and yes, it is exceptional), we appreciate how the languages, customs, and flavors of the world can be incorporated into our Constitutional Republic without undermining the liberty and opportunity that makes it our own.

Get in the melting pot instead of draining it and sorting everyone by race, sex, gender, creed, color, national origin, or how much economic or political value they are to your naked pursuit of power; the appropriating of outside influence to rob people of the unique cultural benefits of American liberty.

I know you won’t stop trying (or crying) but that doesn’t mean you should go unchallenged.

Not that you aren’t ‘challenged’ enough already.