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Is Granite State Progress Paid to Advocate for Criminals?

Fruit Loops - Blue BowlZandra Rice Hawkins is — what did I call her –just another paid progressive lobbyist hiding in the issue-advocacy bunker and a full-time Democrat party operative.  All she knows is the party narrative.  How else could she have embarrassed herself so badly in front of so many people at the SB 116 hearing on Thursday?

Consider her premise.  The presence of concealed firearms increases the likelihood that an everyday disagreement will escalate in to a shoot out.  There is no evidence of this and FBI statistics bear this out year after year, right here in New Hampshire where we consistently have one of the lowest homicide rates in the nation; and in neighboring Vermont also one of the lowest—-where they have constitutional carry already!

In the absence of strong support for concealed carry we get progressive theme parks like Detroitistan and Chicagoland.   The “attractions” are more burglary, assault, rape, and homicide.  You don’t want the park “characters” autograph and if you get your picture taken it might be labeled evidence and include crime-scene tape for background.

And they don’t just have more crime, they have more violent crime.

So given that the policies Zandra and company are paid to advocate result in more crime and more violence GraniteState Progress must be an out-of-state funded pro-crime pro-violence advocacy group.

More crime, more violence, Now that’s Progressive!

And they are relentless in their paid pursuit of polices that result in more crime and violence.

The out-of-state funded criminal advocacy group GraniteState Progress helped bring the Bloomberg bus to Concord New Hampshire to scare people and to even honor…criminals, terrorists, and cop-killers.

The out-of-state funded criminal advocacy group GraniteState Progress brought anti-gun, out-of-state, pro-crime advocate  Gabby Gifford’s to New Hampshire.   Gifford’s like Hawkins, is part of a national campaign that if successful is proven to increase violence.

GSP Donations from Minnesota
Progressive money from ProgressNow in Minnesota

The out-of-state funded  criminal advocacy group Granite State Progress gets cash from groups like New York City based United against Illegal guns — who help fund ProgressNow, which then funnels that money to pro-crime advocates like those at GraniteState Progress.

Out-of-state funded  Granite State Progress most certainly had its hand in sneaking Erica Lafferty into Kelly Ayotte’s Town Hall meeting to create a left-wing media event capitalized on by the State Democrat Party to advocate for policies that result in more crime and more violence everywhere they are imposed.

What Zandra and the Democrats call ‘common sense’ gun control creates victim zones for assault, rape, burglary, muggings, and murder.   Moms Demand action is really Mom for More Murder.  Everytown for Gun sense is “Everytown for more senseless violence.”

Meanwhile, the so-called right-wing gun nuts in New Hampshire are responsible for fostering one of the safest states in the nation.   It is not safer because we have more cops or less private gun ownership–it is exactly the opposite.   New Hampshire’s police per capita is one of the nations lowest.

The top three safest states in the US, of which New Hampshire is one, have some of the lowest numbers of sworn police personnel per capita in the country.   These three safest states also support concealed carry via shall issue licensing or constitutional carry.

For those interested in the correlations regarding a larger police presence per-capita, places with more cops per thousand residents consistently have higher crime rates, even with a Bearcat, and despite more of what GraniteState Progress and the left call ‘common sense’ gun laws.  They also pay higher taxes.  (Spend more money for less safety and Democrats call that progress.)

New Hampshire is safer because an armed law-abiding citizen presence reduces the opportunity to create crime scenes in the first place and it is an umbrella of safety that produces other dividends.

The left can’t contradict this data so they ignore it.   They lie or obscure the truth with emotional pleas.   Sometimes they just plug their ears and yell insulting epithets.

But the loss of your peace and security are a price Democrats are happy to make you pay for if they can disarm private citizens in the process.

And it makes no difference what the ignorant co-dependent progressive gun-nuts at Hawkins GraniteState Progress claim as their intentions; when they succeed in imposing their gun control agenda real people suffer while their beloved government is not only under any obligation to limit that suffering, they can’t and the data supports that as well.  More property is damaged, more people are robbed, more women raped, and more children murdered when the left gets its way.  If that isn’t advocating for criminals and violence what is?