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Shoot-outs In Vermont!

gunslinger2“The presence of concealed guns increases the risk that an everyday disagreement will escalate into shootouts,” said Zandra Rice-Hawkins of the (out of state funded progressive)  advocacy group Granite State Progress.

I added the “out of state funded progressive” part because that happens to be right on target.  But if Zandra Fruit-loops Hawkins from the out of state funded progressive advocacy group Granite State Progress, wants to be taken seriously about the completely fabricated  “constitutional carry will lead to shoot-outs” meme, then she’d better have a list of them for the State of Vermont.

Vermont is that New Hampshire-like state to our immediate left, geographically and politically.  They have constitutional carry and no shoot outs.

Are we to assume they never have every day disagreements?  Is Fruit-Loops Hawkins next observation going to be that we can’t use Vermont as a litmus because its nothing like or nowhere near New Hampshire?

You know what’s not like New Hampshire?  Zandra ‘Fruit Loops’ Hawkins.

The presence of out of state funded progressives like Zandra Rice Hawkins increases the risk of women becoming victims.  The presence of out of state funded progressives like Zandra Rice Hawkins gives criminals a force advantage over law abiding citizens.

This reinforces what we know to be fact. ‘Fruit-loops’ is just another paid progressive lobbyist hiding in the issue-advocacy bunker and a full-time Democrat party operative.

H/T Susan Olsen