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“No More Names” Bus Tour Featured Profile From The List

“Arguments of convenience lack integrity and inevitably trip you up.”   —Donald Rumsfeld

The Deceptively named, “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” came rolling into Concord New Hampshire last week by proxy of the infamous, “No More Names” Bus Tour where local anti-gun zealots take turns reading from Salon.com’s Gun Death Tally List. The front page banner in the website declares….


“6,305 ‘Americans’ have been ‘murdered’ with guns since Newtown…” At first blush, reasonable people immediately think of Chase Kowalski, Age 7 or Daniel Barden, Age 7, or Caroline Previdi, Age 6, all innocent victims in the Newtown Massacre on December 14. Perhaps people also think of others such as a 20-year-old mother of a two-year-old son, Evevana Monique-Marie Galloway, Grand Rapids Michigan. All of whom were victims of heinous criminal acts by others…with guns…These are genuine victims.

The average person would not likely contemplate the notion that people like Kevin Bailey, Jason Letts, Troy Evan Gordon, Romero Roberto Moya  or Melvin Duane Fletcher, would have made the list. These are criminals, all of whom have one thing in common: They were all shot and killed by Police during violent crimes or confrontations with Police. 

So let us look closely at one such, “Victim”: Kevin Bailey.

"No More Names List" 'victim' Kevin Bailey who was killed by Police when he opened fired on them.
“No More Names List” ‘victim’ Kevin Bailey who was killed by Police when he opened fire on them.

Meet Kevin Bailey. Kevin was a 22 year old high school drop-out and well known to Police. Kevin had charges and convictions for the following:

  • domestic violence;
  • intimidating a witness;
  • possession of marijuana;
  • illegal possession of a handgun;

On the night of Kevin Bailey’s death, Police officers stopped Bailey’s vehicle around 9:45 p.m. on a routine traffic stop, but Bailey fled. Turning onto another street, Bailey hit a curb and crashed the car. When Police caught up to Bailey they were greeted by Bailey, ambush-style, with a hail of  gunfire…Bullets went through both police cars and an officer was hit in the chest and arm, saved only by a bulletproof vest. Officers returned fire, striking Bailey four times, killing him.

Michael Bloomberg  and his cadre of left-wingers in pursuing an anti-second amendment agenda to take guns away from law-abiding citizens and disarm America, has no problem whatsoever in placing thugs and criminals like Kevin Bailey in equal memoriam with innocent victims who have lost their lives at the very hands of these people.

Since Bloomberg insists, The Grok will continue to periodically feature the details of just “who” is being honored by “No More Names.”