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New Hampshire – Lowest Homicide Rate in US (Again!)

holstered-gun1Year after year New Hampshire ranks as one of the best states to live in for quality of life.  We consistently rank in the top three for health, wellness, income, and other factors, including low crime, lowest poverty rate , and lowest homicides per capita.  This year, 2014, we are again number #1 for quality of life, and don’t you just love the first reason why?

New Hampshire scored better than any other state for quality of life. No state had a lower homicide rate than New Hampshire, where there was just barely a single murder per 100,000 residents. Additionally, New Hampshire was also the top-ranked state for accessibility of services, with 79% of households reporting they had access to broadband, the highest in the United States. Further, New Hampshire ranked among the best states in most other measures considered by the OECD. The Granite State also had the nation’s lowest poverty rate in 2013, according to the Census Bureau, at just 8.7% of all residents.

Someone should map out the correlation between states where Democrats claim out-of-state gun groups are spending loads of cash to influence local elections and their homicide rates.

I bet you’ll discover something Democrats will not want anyone to know.   Like how a state filled with armed, unhinged, second amendment supporters like New Hampshire can simultaneous maintain an army of fire-arms toting law abiding citizens and consistently have one of the lowest homicide (and violent crime) rates in the nation year, after year?   (And preventing all homicides, not just firearms related homicide.)

So as election day approaches, think about what Democrats (and the bureaucrats) want for New Hampshire instead of what we have.  They want laws like they have in Chicago – which consistently has the highest violent crime and homicide rate in the nation.

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