Radical Left Wing Advocacy Group Behind Bloomberg Circus has Deep Ties to the Democrat Party in NH - Granite Grok

Radical Left Wing Advocacy Group Behind Bloomberg Circus has Deep Ties to the Democrat Party in NH

no more names bus in concordThe New Hampshire Democrat Party should state whether or not they agree with the Minnesota Based radical left wing group Progress Now and its in state affiliate Granite State Progress, which have aligned themselves with New York Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s out of state anti-self defense agenda.

Why?  Because we know that Progress Now’s New Hampshire affiliate, Granite State Progress  , is the “front-man (woman?)” for the NH Democrat parties all-in anti-self defense pro-Bloomberg gun agenda in the Granite State.

A lobbyist and political director at Granite State Progress, Caitlin Rollo, is related to Deanna Rollo, who is one of two elected House Democrats who added the Bloomberg bus event to the NH House Journal and encouraged participation by elected Democrats.  The contact info in the Journal entry instructed Deanna was present as names were read, was part of the performance herself, along with many other prominent Democrats, a list that included Killer Adam Lanza, one of the Boston Marathon Bombers, and very likely scores of law-breakers thugs, and murderers who were stopped with the judicious use of legal force in self-defense.

Caitlin, a former NH House Democrat (who is married to Mike Rollo, also a former NH House Democrat and professional politico), along with Zandra Rice-Hawkins, can probably be tied to the circus act that brought Newtown victim/prop/street performer Erica Lafferty up from Connecticut to disrupt Kelly Ayotte’s Town Hall for the assembled media so she could tell her to force the same kind of laws on New Hampshire that failed to keep her mother alive.

With all due respect to Ms. Lafferty, she lied to get into the event and lied about the question she wanted to ask.  She is being lied to by professional Democrats, and we are being lied to about the issue as it truly applies to New Hampshire and by the State party about their complicity in all of this.

The very next day, after the Granite State progress/Bloomberg/Lafferty Circus, the  State Democrat party in New Hampshire was promoting a fully operational web site, complete with twitter feed and support by the usual left-wing suspects, directing attacks on Republican Senator Ayotte (#NRAyotte), and the brief NRA ad campaign that supported her vote; and pushing that narrative hard in the press, through its own party mouthpieces, and with its various non-profit outlets, a tactic that continues to this day, paid for by someone with something.   Note:  Billionaire Bloomberg’s anti-Ayotte campaign, which I believe spent significantly more on ads trying to influence her before her vote and then attacking her after, did not appear to concern the hypocrites in the professional left at the Democrat state party, nor the radical progressive PAC Granite State progress,  one teensy, tiny, little bit.  The same  New York Billionaire Bloomberg campaign that came to town with the help and blessings of a national progressive group and elected New Hampshire Democrats, which that same professional left now denies association with.

This is what we in the blogosphere call “a load of crap.”

We can pretend that the New Hampshire State Democrat Party has no association or complicity here, as party-spokes-kid Harrell Kirstein pretends to claim, but I think that very unlikely given the top-down controlling nature of the lefts apparatus, it’s modus-operandi with regard to narratives and rhetoric, and the close relationship between the parties involved.  These sheeple cant wipe their own asses without a matching palm card and per-printed political sign to hold that tells them why they are wiping in the first place.

Besides, this is the Democrat Party agenda.

The state Democrat party and a majority of elected Democrats has supported and advocated the repeal of Stand your ground in the Granite State.  They have supported opposition to Castle Doctrine.  They have advanced polices that prohibit conspicuous or concealed carry in public spaces.  They are  on-board with the expansion of “enhanced background checks” by federal dictate,  which have consistently failed to accomplish any of their stated goals in any of the places where similar laws have been on the books.  They repeatedly promoted their own polling on the issue.  They even sent Democrat congressperson Carol Shea-Porter out to sell background check lies about gun purchases and gun shows to the people of New Hampshire, during which she demonstrated that she didn’t have a clue what the actual laws were in her own state.

And despite the fact that New Hampshire has lower homicide and lower overall crime rates than these places with more strict requirements, the ones New Hampshire Democrats want for us, the State party has continuously gone on the record using inflammatory rhetoric to advance the anti-self defense agenda of their national party over the successful policies and culture of their own state.

New Hampshire Democrats need to explain why they want to support policies that are more likely to increase crime and homicides in New Hampshire. They need to explain their coddling of the radical Granite State Progress and it’s out-of state funded, out of state influence, anti-self defense campaign.  And they are clearly coordinating their messaging and strategy.  The party is expending resources in support of the out of state anti-self defense agenda.   Members of their party leadership including elected officials are working hand in hand to promote these failed policies.  That makes them complicit in the product and that product includes memorializing murderers and terrorists to advance that agenda.

You wanted it, you own it.  Now it’s time to pay for it.