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Mayors Against Illegal Guns Has Ties to Money Trail That Leads to Progress NOW

Follow the Money…

The money trail used by gun-grabbers and anti-second amendment liberal/progressive Democrats to buy influence and peddle failed out of state policy through groups like Granite State Progress is becoming a bit more clear.

There has been a great deal of financial activity between a trio of deep pocketed Liberal anti-self defense groups.  Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), which is the Bloomberg (and Boston Mayor Menino) group that just shamed themselves in Concord, New Hampshire a few weeks back.  United Against Illegal Guns (UAIG) is a New York, NY based anti-gun money funnel.   And the third group is The Joyce Foundation, on whose board President Obama once served.  The Joyce Foundation is well funded by Liberal millionaires and billionaires and supports a manifold of left-wing policy ideas of which one is the disarming of Americans in any way possible.

You’ll be happy to know that this trail has tendrils that lead to groups working right here in New Hampshire.  Groups that helped coordinate the Bloomberg Bus ‘No More Names’ Tour visit.

So is anyone surprised to hear that the Joyce Foundation is heavily invested in both MAIG and UAIG?  More than a million dollars.  Would you be surprised to learn that United Against Illegal Guns has been giving ‘grants’ to municipal governments run by mayors who are part of Mayors Against Illegal Guns for the purpose of paying ‘Regional Coordinators’ who work out of state and city office space to advance the Bloomberg MAIG Anti-Gun agenda?

(Hey, Dean Trefethen in Dover, New Hampshire?  Do you mind if we check your city payroll, the line items on your budget, look for ‘grants,’ and any campaign contributions you may have received?)

They are, and they do.  MediaTrackers  ran one down in Milwaukee where pro-MAIG Mayor Barrett (remember him from this incident and here) has an employee in his administration doing anti-gun advocacy paid for by a grant from UAIG.

UAIG also gives large dollops of cash to…ProgressNOW, and the Progress Now Education fund, earmarked specifically for anti-gun violence activity.  Progress Now Nevada, Colorado, and Minnesota have all received donations and then funnel money and advnace the agenda through the state franchises.  ProgressNOW is also the organization responsible for Granite State Progress here in New Hampshire.

Another avenue of funding through the Joyce Foundation is the NEA, by he way, which is also active in New Hampshire and receives grants for anti-second amendment advocacy under the misleading heading of anti-gun violence.   This is worth looking into as well if anyone has the juice.

Also, at present, there is a municipal employee funding grant from UAIG to Lewiston, Maine for a regional anti-gun violence coordinator – $58,143.00.  (Wonder if they’ve made any trips to New Hampshire lately?)  This was listed on UAIG’s 2011 IRS 990 available from   I’m betting we’ll find something closer to home on the 2012 report if and when we get our hands on it.   But for the moment the money trail into Progress Now and their Education fund is plenty close to home.  We’ve already tied Granite State Progress to the events they coordinated and the state Democrat party.   We know they are working together on a shared agenda to force failed federal and state background check policies on us that we don’t even need.  Policies that would make New Hampshire less safe than it currently is.

I’m going to keep digging.

Note: For the record.  We are all against “illegal guns.”   Making law abiding citizens subject themselves to another regime of additional background checks isn’t going to affect any “illegal guns,” any more than the current regime of background checks does.